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Our mother is playing a very important role in our life. She’s always there to guide and support us. She can be our best friend in difficult situation or problems. Our teacher in reminding us to have good manners and right conduct and our doctor when we were sick. She’s always showing her love and protecting us because she don’t want us to be harmed. She took good care of us when we were babies. And she knows the best for us.

She have the biggest and heaviest responsibility in us and inside the house. She’s the one Who always washing our clothes ,cooking dishes, and cleaning the house. I already prove That in one situation that happened to me before. That is when I was sick, I am very very Sick, I cannot explain my feelings I was too weak. But my mother’s knows best. She took Good care of me, giving me medicines on time, cooking my food. And after a few weeks I became strong again.

That’s why I always obeying my mother’s rules and I always telling her that I love her so Much. I was so thankful because she gave me chance to see and to live in this very beautiful world. She don’t want me to be hurt. I love my mother so much because she will not Going to leave us she will stay on our side as long as we need her. She will work hard for us To afford our needs. Always remember that our mother knows the best for us. Hope runs eternal

If there’s one thing in this world that can help us when we are already down because of problems, That is hope. If you have hope you can do everything, you can succeed in achieving great things. Don’t lose hope because hope is faith. If you have faith, you have hope. Struggles and problems makes our hope harder . Hope runs eternal and that means forever we can have hope.

I also experience losing hope and that is because of my talent. I will going to join a singing contest In our place.

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