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Motivate Employees Essay Sample

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Motivate Employees Essay Sample

Communication is a process by which messages are transmitted, filtered and received. Communication technology is a term for processing information and communicating information. Communication Technology is often used to describe digital technologies including methods for communication. Communication Technology has gained popularity due to the convergence of Information Technology.

* The future of communication technology in the mobile phone technology, which fast becoming very affordable by the masses is voice based and integrated with the information technology at the server end of a computer network. For example in the field of education people can ask question through a mobile phone, a database to answer to such question can be generated using the technologies used currently in the Wikipedia and call centres and the text in these databases can be converted into voice technologies in various languages.

* We can mow integrate the mobile phone with the television screen so that the visual information can be viewed easily.

* Communication technology allows users to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technologies.

* Communication Technology satisfies the needs and wants of the community over time.

* Communication Technology can be used to explore, analyse and present information without any discrimination. It also gives access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures.

* From the economic point of view communication technology has increased international interconnectedness and sped of the process of globalisation.

* Communication Technology has created new forms of employment in innovation and production of ICT’S and a demand for highly skilled specialists.

* Communication technology can also be used to promote equality and empower marginalised groups. Information technology is a means of providing affordable information and is also used as a platform for voices that might go unheard. (Freedom of thoughts and words).

* Communication Technology has a great hand in developing the world’s poorest countries. It has integrated them in the global economy and thus has made global market more accessible.

* Slow connection speed.

* Communication Technology is having a bad effect on life where it is placing barriers between people; face to face meeting happens less. This small, simple change leads to a whole host of very serious problems with the society in general.

* Communication technology has a negative effect on education. People are not doing their own work anymore. Today more and more students are relying on the web to do the work for them; which is called plagiarism. Spell checkers are made easy for student; they do not really have to go to the root and definition of the word.

* Bank accounts, personal information are commonly hacked using communication technology.

* Communication Technology is creating diseases like depression and cancer. (Computer cresting stress disease called RSS repeated stress syndrome.

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