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Introduction of TOPIC

Ayame Nakamura, is a Japanese immigrant who works as a project manager for a pharmaceutical company in California. This paper will examine the Ayame’s culture and how it affects her as the project manager for the pharmaceutical company as well as the organizational structure. We will also examine and analyze Ayame’s pharmaceutical company’s organizational performances which can be traced to the leadership style evidentially reflected in the employee motivation at the pharmaceutical company and discuss what things are happening external to the organization that may drive change at the pharmaceutical company. We will also the ways that the pharmaceutical company can help motivate Ayame so that Ayame gives all that she can to be a great employee with the Company. We are also going to discuss ways that the pharmaceutical company can deal with other employees who are an immigrant as well. Last but not least this people is also going to cover why it is important for Ayame to voice her opinion and not hold back and to not be afraid to voice her own opinion and how but voicing her own opinion she will be able to help both her and the Company to be successfully, and that the only way to do this is to voice her opinion.

In a typical workplace the management should always take their role seriously and should try to make sure that when they are dealing a variety of immigrants that their management style is in line with the types of culture and backgrounds for the people that the company hires.

The Japanes

e are very passive and they tend to avoid confrontation and will must like agree to do whatever they

are told to do, in Japan they do not ask you to do something for an example ask you to prepare sales reports they tell you to, just this type of Japanese background and their cultural makes it very hard for Ayame to receive the proper feedback that she needs in order to help her motivation. The culture within each business affects the employees’ attitudes toward the company, thus the reason why Ayame has a very hard time receiving the proper feedback from her managers.

Ayame’s workplace has put in to place a type of management style where the management of the company likes for their employees to voice their own opinion; however this type of management style which is defined as confrontational interferes with Ayame’s Japanese Culture. Some ways that the pharmaceutical company can help Ayame to adapt with the type of management style that is in place at the pharmaceutical company is to explain to her that she does not need to be afraid to voice her opinion, and that although her culture has taught her to be passive she need not hold back her opinion and that she should always voice her own opinion, and that by voicing her opinion it will allow the pharmaceutical company to change the way that the do things and will allow for the company to improve on items that Ayame may have brought up.

Since Ayame’s background is one that is passive and it is very hard to motivate someone who comes from a passive background such as Ayame’s. The Company can do a number of things that can help to motivate Ayame. Some ways that the Company can help motivate is to perhaps plan some sort of group outing with her fellow coworkers to reward hard work, or maybe even offer gift certificates to a art gallery, since Ayame culture has a big emphasis on art this might be one way to help to Motivate Ayame to work harder and do the best that she can do. Also the Company might want to try have Ayame do her own type of feedback whether it be negative or positive and to encourage Ayame to voice her opinion and Express that the only way to stay positive in any work place is to voice one’s opinion.


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