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Introduction of TOPIC

Motivation & Teamwork According to (Simon & Young (2005), the Macintosh team of nearly a hundred strong showed up for the second retreat in late September was a sharing of information, to bring everyone up to date on how each aspect of the development was proceeding and was also design to keep the ardor at a fever pitch. The slogan Steve wrote on the blackboard this time accurately captured the sprit of the group: “lets be pirates”. It brought a roar of approval. The he wrote another line that goaded the group, yet fired up their dedication: “Working 90 hours a week and Loving it!” he could probably have made the slaves building the pyramids or the rowers in a Roma gallery thrilled to be whipped, as a reminder that they were taking part in a noble effort. &g

t;> We believed that Jobs uses the McGregor X and Y theory, not only to manage his staff but also

to motivate the staff and the team as a whole as well.

Theory X, which is a more traditional approach, assumes that workers are lazy, lack of ambition, do not like responsibilities, self-centred, indifferent to organisational objectives, resistant to changes and are gullible (McGregor 2000, p. 7). These workers have to be driven and require management to intervene with carrot and stick management. Jobs used carrot and stick, and managed to retain and motivate lots of top-shelf talents. Jobs kept his A team selected designers, programmers and executives. Those who can work with him tend to be loyal (Leander Kahney, 2008) >>> add in a scenario – When people tried to shut down the Macintosh project, he fired those that go against the project and hired great employees. (Leander Kahney, 2008)

On the contrary, Theory Y assumes that workers have a psychological need to work and will exercise self-control and initiatives when they are committed to a set of objectives. They also want achievement and seek responsibility. (McGregor 2000, p. 7) Ratzlaff, a soft-spoken creative director in Apple, had come out with an exciting design for iMac. No one seems to support his new design until Steve Jobs looked at his design and feel impressed. Jobs complimented Ratzlaff and he felt happy as Jobs is a person who has very high expectation which only few people can manage to give him what he required (Leander Kahney, 2008)

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