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Researches attempted to explains of motivition to work through two basic types of motivational theories and process theories. Content theories are concerned with what energizes behavior while process theories focus on how. Content theories asset that needs determine an individual’s behavior, individuals have a multitude of need varying degrees of intensity. There are needs or activator creates a state of disequilibrium within the person. The individual develops an urge to fulfill the need or needs he she is experiencing. Consequently the individual begins to each the environment for potentially satisfying goals, which once attained will lead to reduction of the disequilibrium or the fulfillment of his her behavior.

Problem motivation: Find the need, and the intensity(amount) > solve by policies.

Most organization effort improves employee motivation concentrate on providing opportunities for the individual to receive intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction of his or her work. Managers can affect performance by influencing employee motivation through work related outcomes. Work motivation can be contributed to the nature of individual needs and to the distribution by managers of work related outcomes perceived by employees as both valid and relevant. In other words, managers influence motivation by both making use of individual differences in employee needs and by providing rewards and punishments that are consistent with those needs. Problem: intensity employees need/amount of available rewards/punishment.

Need of self-actualization, affiliation and power.
Extrinsic / intrinsic. Intrinsic hygien (wages working conditions) but their presence produces dissatisfaction among employees do not motivate. On the other hand the intrinsic factors or motivations do contribute to employee satisfaction and motivation. Maslow, intensity checklist.

German, spain, Belgium, Italy : Decision making authority, monetary rewards. > supportive and respectful environment.

Change of dominant need by increasing another need. > belongingness more team work control lower.

latin American: Control > belonging. relationships let them feel as if they are part of the company.

Japan: control > appointed as team leader, appreciation.

German strong need of recognition > control and economic security. Motivate by work environment provide with division making authority and monetary rewards attached to successful task performance. Economic rewards. Steeply increasing financial rewards for greater accomplishment may yield significant results in these countries where such rewards symbolize not only economic security but also control and recognition. They should d make an audit f combination system should focus on incentives salary differentials between wage levels and size of wage increases at promotion. After the employees control to economic security needs have been satisfactorily established the manager should focus on ways to develop an environment that is both supportive and respectful of the worker. The respondent indicate a high need of control they general displayed a very low need for both belegoniness and self-worth. The employee’s exhibit a dominant need for control do not perceive belongings and self-worth needs as important. The reverse relationship is also true.

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