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Motivation Document for Master Degree Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I strongly believe that education is the key to success and a tool for societal development. As someone who desires to be a source of inspiration, I believe that master’s degree is the least qualification I should acquire irrespective of my financial disabilities.

I am applying for the Dannish institute scholarship for numerous reasons. My first reason is related to the fact that I aimed of becoming one of the few female in Fine Art with MSc in my country. During my third and fourth year in the university, I had to study full time and work at the same time in other to take care of my living expenses. It was not such a good experience I must confess and was quite difficult for me to input my 100% potentials into my studies.

My second reason for applying for the DannishScholarship for the academic year 2011/2012 is due to the fact that, Granting me the Dannish institute scholarship will be an assurance that I will do my masters in the forthcoming academic year 2011/2012 and an assurance for a better future for me and my family who look up to me.

I wish to pursue Masters in the Art with specialization in Fine Art/ product development at either DHL universities not only to stand as a role model for my fellow Zimbabwean sisters who believe that the field of fine art is a field for men but also to broaden the knowledge I already have in this field, do academic research and learn various research methodologies, learn new things and challenges, boast my chances of getting a job in the future. In preparation for this work i have, excellent research skills in (Arts) production systems, which were my major and minors successively in my Bachelor’s studies, and over 12 months experience as a student intern.

I have excellent academic records in my bachelor’s studies: with 5/5 in my minor courses 4/5, in my final academic thesis 5/5 and a general GPA of 4.0/5. I am a student who likes to pursue master’s studies and who is determined to become a strong independent international woman , make a difference in my home country by using my advanced educational knowledge to develop the Arts and Fine Art in Zimbabwea.

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