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As we know, English language is really importance in present day. It is considered as universal language. English language be used in many countries as first or second language. More over, people around the world more than a billion can use it in daily life. You can see that English language play an importance role in our life. If we can use English for communicate, we will have opportunity to progress in the work more than others who can not use English. So, in many countries, English is taught for student in school, college and university.

In Thailand, English language was taught for over three hundred years ago until now. Thai people emphasize that English language is importance. On the other hand,there are few people who can communicate in English. Because, the system of study English in Thailand emphasize on memorization more than utilization. Its make most of Thai students can not communicate in English. Even in university, most of undergraduate students can not speak or understand English.

In PSU Pattani, the university provide student to learn English language two or three courses. The university see that English is very important language and necessary to learn. The curriculum emphasize on listening and speaking skill. However, a number of student who dislike English language more than student who like it two or three times.

The number of student who choose English as their minor is small when compare with the number of student who choose other language to be minor. However, some student still study English as their minor. What they thing about English language ?

Research Questions:

1.What is the motivation for PSU student to study English as their minor?

2.How PSU student improve their English skills?

Research Objective:

1.We want to know that why the student in PSU Pattani choose English as their minor.
2.We want to know that how they improve their skills.


Representative example are the students between sophomore to senior in PSU Pattani.


Survey form: Part I. General information about representative example
Part II. The reason to study English
Part III. Information about improvement of English skills

Interview: The Questions are about the reason of study English and the frequency of cultivating and using English in daily life.

Get to know about the motivation to study English and the cultivation of English skills. We can use the result with students who dislike English to like it.

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