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When you first start a job you have fears of being able to fit in, your nerves are on edge and if you are a supervisor or manager you have many more fears as our subject Ayame Nakamura may have had. She is a Japanese immigrant who is fortunate to have landed a position as a Project Manager for a pharmaceutical company. Her work ethics differ from what she is being accustomed and the management style, which is confrontational, makes it difficult to receive feedback and affects her motivation. In the Japanese culture when one works for a company they develop a sense of family. “In the context of ‘‘company as family,’’ ‘‘taking one’s responsibility’’ (sekinin o toru) means above all accepting the burden of membership in the group. By carrying out their responsibilities, managers allow the group to survive and prosper, in an engagement that is both implicit and reciprocal (Jodeschini, M. (2011).” However, on the western civilization side our companies take on different approaches and styles within corporations. As a child when you do something good such as receive good grades your parents or caregivers would give you praises first and then probably some sort of reward for your accomplishments.

On the other hand, when you were disobedient you were probably punished or have had some privileges taken away from you but the first thing that happened was that you were confronted and probably not allowed to have much to say. In a company where the style is confrontational it probably means that when an employee was not working up to par they were spoken down in a condescending manner and felt stripped of their self-respect, thus feeling little or no loyalty to the company in which they are employed. Ayame not being use to her new companies confrontational style will have to learn to adapt to this type of style or convince management to compromise and allow her to introduce her management style to the company. In Ayame’s cultural it is disrespectful to be confrontational which inflicts a cultural barrier. When Ayame is treated in this manner it is easy for her to not be able to accept this behavior and prohibits her from receiving feedback and dampers her motivation to be successful in this environment.

The role management plays in workplace psychology is that we as humans exhibit behavior with emotions as well as attempting to lead or direct a group of individuals towards the vision of the company. Psychology allows us to understand the way we interact with other individuals despite the different ethnic, race, religion, and sexual orientation of others. Psychology and workplace together is the way individuals act towards each other while attempting to further their career or just to get the job completed and earn their pay. The different ways in which supervisors or managers treat their employees will have either an adverse effect and have a high turnover rate or a positive sense in which the employees will stay and work harder because they are feeling respected and appreciated. Successful businesses are ones with healthy employees which look forward to going to work rather than just looking for a paycheck. A good manager can be stern and have a productive staff but they must be able to train, teach, and be good motivators to get the best out of their employees. Management style needs to change in order for Ayame to be successful.

There are ways in which management can change for the better to promote motivation for their employees. One way is to meet and give the employees expectations and provide training on how they can obtain these tasks. Providing recognition to employees that have met the expectations of the company and give small rewards such as a day off, Starbucks gift card or a flexible schedule is one of the many ways a company to get results. In France there is a company who has done remarkably well with motivating their employees in a pharmaceutical company. “Our experience suggests that bonus schemes can be very motivational and result in a ‘win-win’ for company and employees alike — as long as they are well designed and properly implemented. (Turner et al., 2007).”

This company’s strategy was to be fair across the board and allow the salespersons to make up to 40% in bonuses. Their process was known as the “Commitment Process” which aligns the interests of the individual and company harmoniously and incentive sales people to stretch their performance and maximize sales results; this resulted in low turnover rate and the employees felt that they were valued employees. In Ayame’s position it would be to her benefit to find a company with these values or convince management to change their style or they would lose her as an employee and others who might feel the same way.


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