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While thinking about this assignment, the commercial that stuck out in my mind was the recent T-Mobile commercials. I am sure that there are tons of other commercials that contain the different theories of motivation in them but the T-Mobile one catches my attention more than others because I am looking to switch phone carriers. The Commercial

In the specific T-Mobile commercial that I have chosen for this assignment is about “Data Stash”. Data stash would be great for those who have smart phones and do not use their data allowance every month. In this commercial it shows so people moving around, most likely to help catch the attention of the viewers, but the main point to it has colored backgrounds in either pink or black with words one them, describing what data stash is. There is also a point where the commercial points out that other carriers, take away the unused data that has been paid for, while T-Mobile lets you keep it. T-Mobile also offers ten free GB of data for those who choose T-Mobile as their cell phone carrier. The main motivation that is being used in this commercial is incentive. The incentive that is portrayed in the T-Mobile commercial is the fact that they will not take away your un-used data and allow you to keep it. This is a great incentive, since the data has been paid for the user should be able to keep using it until it is gone, and not lose it simply because they were not able to use it in a month’s times.

The other motivation I can see being used in this commercial is a form of drive or hierarchal. T-Mobile likely wants to be the bigger cell phone provider out of the companies and by offering these kinds of incentives among others will help them get to this point. While I was only able to see two different types of motivation in the commercial I chose, there are still three other types of motivations: evolutionary, instinct, and arousal. I think these three motivations are more likely to be found in individuals rather than big companies such as T-Mobile. Evolutionary motivations have more to do with how we evolve as humans, how we learn to live our lives. I feel that the instinct motivation comes real close to evolutionary, we may not know exactly why we do something, and there is just something inside us triggers us to do, instinctively. The last motivation to be discussed is arousal, which is where we seek the need to stimulate our current needs. For example, if you are hyped up you would likely try to do something to calm yourself down. Conclusion

There are so many different kinds of motivations, and we may not even realize that there is something behind our activities motivating us to complete them. Prior to this week’s assignments, I certainly never realized all the different kinds of motivation there were, or just what was considered to be a motivation. It seems that just about everything we, as humans, do has some sort of motivation behind it!


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