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Motorcycle Racing Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Motorcycle racing is personally my favorite Extreme sport. Enduro racing is one of many different types. To be specific, there is a series called Mid-East Hare Scramble Series. It is described as “mid-east” simply because it is held within North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee; “hare scramble” because this type of racing is through woods and fields mixed with some motocross – scrambling through the woods some call it. There are 12 classes, starting from the Pro class – for professionals, A class – for amateurs, then there are B and C classes for beginners.

To describe what a typical race is like: first – the riders are lined up in all the different classes, second – they have a dead engine start and begin when a man throws the green flag, third – they go through an 8-10 mile track with checkpoints varying from 1-2 each race in order to prevent any cheating, forth – at the beginning of each lap the riders go through a place called “the barrels” where someone scans a barcode on the riders helmet to keep track of their placement. The races last roughly 2 hours, and as one can imagine the track gets worse as the race goes on having 200+ riders riding their hearts out. Not to mention the amount of skills and talent these guys have to have in order to compete in such an intense sport.

The good aspects that make motorcycle racing such a wonderful extreme sport in my eyes are first and foremost it always keeps me wondering and guessing. My heart is always beating out of my chest when my boyfriend is “flying” through the woods and I am waiting for him come back around to a part of the track where I can see him again. The reason my adrenaline is always pumping so fast is because I am ready to see if he is still winning, and of course if he made it out alive. Everyone I hav

e talked to at the races absolutely loves the sport, not only participating in but watching as well.

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Another awesome thing I have discovered about this sport is that I have met so many wonderful people and will continue to do so as I attend. It is also something a lot of people can do unlike other extreme sports, such as extreme skiing for example; there are only about 50 people in the whole United States that get to compete in those kinds of races.

Another thing that makes motorcycle racing the best extreme sport to me is that a person doesn’t even have to be good at it to participate. They can start out in the C class not being so good, but by practice and experience, their chances of being moved up to the A class, or maybe even Pro has increased. Of course that takes years and years, and lots of hard work and dedication to accomplish. But just like anything in life, in order to succeed – one has to go that “extra mile.” This sport teaches riders leadership and good sportsmanship, also keeping them in very good shape. And from a larger and different aspect, some riders – but very few, actually do this sport for a living and make millions of dollars.

Also, and unfortunately there are lots of negative things about this sport. The main thing being injuries! From a briar catching one in the face, to someone over jumping a jump, flipping over the handlebars and breaking their neck. It is such a dangerous sport and every single race there is a good handful of serious injuries. Thats the majority why I’m always on my toes at the races. Another not-so-good thing about this sport is that it is the most expensive sport there is. First the bike to buy which costs around $3,000-$6,000 new, accessories to keep the bike up and running, parts to replace damaged parts, gear the riders wear, and the list goes on. The parts are very expensive and almost every race there is something that needs to be replaced. The gear that the riders wear is also very expensive because it is specially made to be extra durable and to last a long time; for example a pair of AlpineStar boots is $500. Some would argue also that they don’t necessarily enjoy the sport because they think that it is too loud. I’ll agree it is very loud, but it all pertains to one’s interests along with their likes and dislikes. Traveling is also a very big part of racing, especially the better a rider is; some love to travel and some find it to be a hassle.

I find myself enjoying this sport more and more each time I go to a race. My boyfriend races in the Pro class and is looked to as one of the guy’s who will “go big.” I encourage and motivate him to do his best, and also support him in every way possible. To me and many others, the positive aspects of this sport outweigh the negative ones by a large amount. Motorcycle racing caught me by surprise and amazed me; I think it is a great sport anyone could get into and enjoy!

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