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Mountain City Transit is currently facing several problems, largely relating to ineffective Human Resources. These problems include overspending, low performance , mistrust and low accountability. Causes

There are four main issues that have resulted in major company problems. The first is the resiliency of the company culture. Problems such as low productivity cannot be properly addressed unless the culture is capable of changing to promote the necessary changes. The second major cause is the inability to monitor and measure performance. Thirdly, the company has not properly determined who needs what training. In addition, the mechanics’ past injuries have contributed to absenteeism. Finally, the old fleet of buses is unreliable and has left passengers stranded or caused them to be late. Results

The resilient company culture has led to mistrust and no accountability. Secondly, the lack in training and monitoring of performance has led to low productivity, especially for mechanics and cleaners. Mechanic injuries have led to absenteeism and, ultimately, more overtime. Lastly, the old, unreliable fleet of buses have led to unsatisfied customers. Overall, the result is the budget is not being met. Recommendations

As a preventive measure, the company needs to be more stringent in the selection of employees to find people who match the desired company culture. The safety climate must also be examined to determine how to promote and encourage safe work practices, especially to prevent future injuries to mechanics. A formal safety training program should be instituted so mechanics (and other employees) are taught the proper way to lift, carry, etc from their first day of employment. The training needs of workers needs to be assessed, by observing them on the job, setting up simulations for them to attempt and/or interviewing them regarding what areas they feel they require more training. Specific standards should be created and goals should be set for each employee; constant feedback should be given regarding the attainment of these goals.

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