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“Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder Essay Sample

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“Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder Essay Sample

Tracy Kidder’s inspiring novel “Mountains Beyond Mountains” continuously uses metaphors and imagery to allow the reader to be capable to analyze the novel’s protagonist, Paul Farmer. Farmer is characterized as an honoring doctor who provides all his help and time to serve the poor in many countries. His goal is to end infectious disease and to provide all the medicine to those who need it the most and have no access to it. As the author describes his point of view towards Farmer’s actions he realizes the genuine attitude involved while Farmer approaches his patients. Despite the countries and different backgrounds, Farmer’s way of connecting with the poor grant him the success he was striving for by helping the ill and believing that he can win the long defeat.

Dr. Paul Farmer connects with people whose backgrounds are different by dedicating his life to solving health crisis and giving full attention to those who struggle the most. He approaches them in an evident manner and makes them feel comfortable and safe. Farmer develops new ideas to help the poor and attempts to change medical policies. His way of interacting with others allows him to change many people’s lives. Farmer strives to improve other’s lives even if he doesn’t get any sleep nor has time to be loved and spend time with his family; he proves that “all suffering isn’t equal”. The use of imagery points out the obstacles that came his way, farmer’s methods are something people can aspire from because he demonstrates how much effort he puts in to cure the ill. “Mountains beyond mountains” is a metaphor for life’s problems, after one is fixed another problem presents itself.

Farmer serves as motivation to inspire the audience to have hope in life and to not give up easily. It also changes the way the audience thinks about the world. Kidder’s work portrays admiration and disquietude which makes the audience want to appreciate everything they have because most are not as lucky. When ever you want something and the stairs seem too high to reach, all the hard work and dedication will get you as high as you need to be. Comparing to college, all students want to be successful and graduate, yet in order to get there you have to work hard and have your mind set on what you really want. No one said it would be easy but when someone wishes to accomplish something and their desire for it are high the outcome will definitely pay off.

University of Houston Downtown is very diverse, with people who have different backgrounds, skin tones, point of views and attitudes but we all have the same objective. As I enter this university I take with me along the lesson learned from this book which is that at the end of the journey all the hard work will be worth the struggle and despair. Mountains seem fun, interesting, and full of challenges just like college yet the view is nothing compared to when you’re up close. You have to find different paths and tracks until you reach the top, which in my case the top is success. Beyond mountains there are mountains, once you reach one mountain there are many ahead.

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