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My Mousetrap vehicle turned out to be pretty good and in great working condition. My ideas of simple machines were put to a test when I did this project. The Vehicle travelled exactly 12 feet as expected. Like everyone my vehicle was also made of wooden pieces and mousetraps. The materials used were : wooden pieces, wheels & axles, and a mousetrap. It took me exactly 10 days to make my vehicle completely and with the help of Mr. Evans, Evans, and Nixon it seemed easy. Firstly I started off with the piece that was provided. I cut of a wooden piece with the width of 2 inches and length of 9 inches . Then I cut of the half of a big axle and made it in half and cut the half to another half. Then I cut off 2 sides of the vehicle with a width of 1.5 inches approx and length of 9 inches, to hold the axles I had to drill two holes on each sides.

I made two holes on each sides and glued the side to the body and made sure that they keep strong. I was done with the mousetrap holder, sides and axles, moreover I was done with the body of my vehicle. Now that I was done with all that I glued the mousetrap to the body, then I glued discs of 4.5 inch diameter to my axles acting as wheels. Then I was completely done except for one thing and that is the small metal bar on my mousetrap handle acting as lever, and one more thing I added after the lever was the ropes. I hot glued the last resort of the rope to the middle of the axle and tied the front end to the bar so that when the lever pulls my car will be able to move forward (the rope length was about 12 inches). This is how it was done, it was a great experience.

My simple machine transferred kinetic energy and made work easier. The bar with the handle was about 4 inches. The bar was a 2nd class lever, because the fulcrum was the top of the handle where the bar was glued and the load was the force acting to pull it down, gravity, and the effort was the mousetrap trying to hunch back to its regular placing, causing the rope to be pulled and the car to go in front. And the bar did lower the effort because it was big and so MA was > 1. My wheel and axle were 2nd class too because the effort and load(gravity) were acting on the same downward direction. If it didn’t act on the same direction the MA would be < 1. Another thing is that when the diameter of the wheel is bigger the farther will it travel. So with the use of two simple machines my vehicle travelled the required distance. If those weren’t applied the vehicle wouldn’t have travelled far.

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