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Movie Review Boses Essay Sample

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Movie Review Boses Essay Sample

* Julian Duque – Onyok
* Ricky Davao – Marcelo
* Coke Bolipata – Ariel
* Cherry Pie Picache – Amanda
* Meryll Soriano – Bianca
* Tala Santos – Shirley

* The first setting of the story is at the house of Onyok when he was rescued by a concerned neighbor together with some police and volunteers. * Then the next location is at the Center or Shelter for those children who were abused and don’t have family. Most of the scene was taken at the shelter. * Then there was also a scene that taken at the beach.

* One of the conflicts is when Onyok was abused by his father and he had a trauma on him. * Another one is when Bianca and Ariel had a conversation about her pregnancy because she can’t go to Julian School. * One more is the time that Ariel can’t get over of what happen to his beloved wife (when Bianca died). * Another conflict is when Onyok was forced by his father to come home with him and he doesn’t want to so Ariel helping him escape and Amanda got angry. * One more is when Enteng and his friend always bully Onyok and Shirly.

The movie begins when a 7 year old Onyok was rescued by their concerned neighbor together with the officer by his abusive father Marcelo. He was brought to a shelter for abused children who are owned by Amanda. Amanda discovered that Onyok is a mute because his larynx was damage. On the first day of his stay in the shelter he hears the faint sound of a violin being played by Ariel who was called by the other children a crazy man. Ariel turns back with his career because of his guilt by the death of his wife Bianca.

And then Shirley one of the children in the shelter becomes Onyok’s friend they were always bullied by Enteng and Jayson. They were always together and they were become like sweethearts they hold hands always.

Onyok become curious by the sounds of violin played by Ariel so every time Ariel went out with his room Onyok goes in there. One day Ariel tested Onyok if he goes in his room if he goes out and this is the beginning of the good relationship of Ariel and Onyok as teacher and student. Amanda begins to worry; however, Ariel begins to push Onyok to his limits, leading the boy away from dealing with his own emotional issues as well as straining with his new found friendship with Shirley.

Ariel’s secret guilt over the dead of his wife Bianca revealed. The question’s of Ariel’s motives about him pushing Onyok’s gifted talents to a similar level comes to the fore. Onyok’s abusive father Marcelo is slowly rehabilitated and the shelter is preparing for reconciliation between father and son. Ariel realizes that he does not own Onyok. But he still helps Onyok to express his feeling by playing the violin. And he succeeds in helping him.

At the end of the movie I think Marcelo really change because when he heard Onyok played the violin he was so emotional and his tears fall down. But nobody knows if the reconciliation between Onyok and his father become successful, but one thing is for sure Onyok’s regained his voice in expressing his feelings by playing the violin.

Plot Devices:
I think all the plot devices that we discussed were present in the movie. * First the Flashback when Onyok was remembering what happens to him in the hands of his father and also Ariel has a flashback when he was thinking about him and Bianca. * Second is the Foreshadowing when Onyok was hiding on a cabinet every time he was abused by his father and when he was hiding to Ariel because he entered his room. * The third one is the Suspense when Onyok and Ariel were escaping with his angry father. * The next one is the Surprise Ending, because at the end Onyok and Ariel plays violin together and surprisingly his father was so emotional and his tears fall down. * And the last one is the In Media Res I think is present also in the movie because at the beginning Marcelo is an abusive father and they give flashback why he becomes an abusive one.


The movie expresses a lot of mood. Here are some:
* Suspense
* Happy
* Excitement
* Tense
* Emotional
* Guilt

For me the theme of this movie is to show us that no matter who we are, even though we are an abused one or we have a disability we still have our own talent what we need to do is to trust our self and to show what we’ve got. Just like what Onyok does even though he is a mute he show up his talent to everyone.

Moral Lesson:

Being abused by other or being a disabled one is not an excused to be successful in life all we need to do is to trust ourselves and to be brave to show up what we got and to continue living in this world. Don’t be ashamed to show what you have.


For me the reason why “Boses” is the title of the movie because Onyok is a mute he can’t tell what he feels, so his voice comes back in terms of expressing his feelings by playing the violin. By that way e can now express what he feels.

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