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During the class, we have seen the movie, America before Columbus, which is made by National Geographic. By watching this film, we are able to know the differences between Europe and America before Spanish came, the reason why European want to discover the new continental, and the influences to America and European. First of all, America is the rich, natural and beautiful land which is able to grow a huge number of people and other species. Rely on the rich land, inhabitants who live in south America raise corn and other crops, native American in central area have the present of god– potatoes, people who is in America make their lives by hunting animals and also developing agriculture. Meanwhile, each tribes develops it’s own belief or ‘religious’ ritual because of sufficient food supply and development of agriculture. In contrast, during that period, Europe has so limited space and natural supplies that cannot raise a large amount of people which has already been here.

However, European masters advanced tools and skills which help them survive, forms pattern trading market and even well-organized society. In a word, Europe at that time has taken the big lead to America, except the great natural resources. In additional, in consideration of Europe, expanding is a undoubted trend. Not only because of their great financial and technological support, but also because their ambition to expand and the urgent demand by huge number of inhabitants. As a result, supported by Isabella and blessed by some luck, Columbus finally reached the unbelievable natural paradise with countless species on October, 12th, 1492. Additionally, the most impressive thing for European is land to conquer, which means riches to explode and even gold. Last but not least, spontaneously, influences are an unavoidable thing for European and Native American, when these two culture encounter. The good thing is that they can gain what they need and offer the other one what they want.

The European take away some species, which grow well in infertile land to keep contend large demand by European, such as potatoes, tomatoes and corns, they also bring here new kinds of animals as food or new tools of transportation, like horses. More importantly, until 18th century, European bring not only different species but also freedom, as a result the other amazing ‘Europe’ has been generated, and new groups of people are here– New England, New Spanish, Asian, and African. However, Native American is massacred and conquested by the European, carrying weapons during their second voyage. Furthermore, not only is Native American killed by European, but also they are killed by a terrible disease which is carried from Europe, smallpox.

As a result, in 16th century, the population of Native American has been devastated. And as the ‘return’, Syphills disease is also carried unintentionally from America to Europe by transported stuff. Moreover, in the 18th century, the uncontrollable desire of money by British lead to the terrible depletion of the nature in America, such as fish and wood. In conclusion, this film shows us the difference between these two continentals, why these two continentals encountered, and how has everything changed since then. In a word, this historical discovery which was made by Columbus has completely changed America into a brand new and diverse place, with new species and new thoughts and new people. And it has even changed the whole world.

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