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Moving to a New Country’s Essay Sample

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Moving to a New Country’s Essay Sample

There is lots of differentness between the Somalia community and the Australian community thing like people, the homes, schools system, government and foods .if you campier the community’s together you will find major and some minor differentness.it can be difficult for people to fit in a new social group specially if you from a third world country like Somalia and go to a first world country like Australia and you don’t understand the language because of lack of communication it will be heard for people from Somalia and or any other third world country to adjust to the condensation of the new country that they move to . All the differences are not negative some mite event like there new county more than their home country but People will still miss their home country eve if it is in bad condensation. The Somalia community is nothing like the Australian community because there to vary different countries. Somalia is a third world country and Australian first world country so Somalia faeces more difficult condensation like poverty, wars and environmental issues. Just like every issue there is a coleus. The coleus of most of these issues is from the diving of the people.

What divides the people is there tribes that they from and every tribe wants power. This start conflict between the tribe and this leads to civil war because of the civil war people we’re frost to leave the country for their safety to go to a refugees camps in Ethiopia or Kanya like my family we want to Ethiopia when the civil war started because my father is from Ethiopia and we head some family there .after all of this things just got worst because government collapsed as the Somali Civil War broke out because of the government collapsing no country we’re trading with Somalia and this land to a great depression and then poverty. Back at refugees camps their we’re to people but not enough food or shelter for all them but me and my family did not going to the refugees camps because my grandfather’s bother was one of the leader of my family tribe Ogden so we stead with his and his soldiers they took good care of me my family till we get money to move to new country I was happy that was staying with my grandfather’s bother but I flat bad for the other people that we’re at the refugees camps because the refugees camps did not do anything people there where people still doing every day.

There were lots of famers at the refugees camps that have lost everything that they worked for because of the war and that just made the famine worse and the recovery from the famine much header and on top all this war, poverty and famine issues Somalia also had long history of environmental issues .this issue played a big part of famine because of the harsh condensation that made it vary head for crops to grow. When the entire world stared to see all people in this horrible condensation many country’s desired to them. At refugee’s camps country like UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Norway, and Canada stared sponsoring family to leave the country for their safety.

Most of my family got sponsored by different country’s this was good and bad at same time because I know that we we’ir not going be in the same county that made sad as child to see my oldest bother to go to another country with his dad he want to Canada but most of my other members family want to USA and UK but we did not get sponsored because my grandfather’s bother was one the leaders of my family’s tribe and there were at war with other tribes they sponsors said that we are a threat to their country so was had to get money to pay for the passport to go to other country it was going coast 20,000 for the passport it was going be heard to get the money because there no job because of the war so the some of my family’s that want to oversees stared to send us money so we can pay for the passports that took 6 months to get the money tother and the make passport was going take abut 2years. After waiting over 2 years we were going to move to a new country my parent desired to move to Australia we herd it very good to live in and it had lost of job.

When my family move to Australia I know it was going be deaf cult for us to adjust to this new country because of the major differentness like language. learning new language was going to be the headrest thing because I never want to school in Somalia so this was going be big challenges specially me and my older brother how is just older than me by one year we’re teenager that speak any English because of that school was vary deaf cult because we did not understand the teacher what made it worse was we we’re 13 year at first year when all other students been going to for school for over 5 years . It was heart for me and my brother to fit in social group because we did know any the about Australia or the Australian communities. After few moths I stared to learn English so thing were getting better because I could understand the people and the teacher vat school.

When you’re in Australia you get different influence coopering to Somalia in Australia I noted that the teenager got lost influenced from the media and qui I found out that Somalia’s head stereotype in Australia us the bad people that make lots of trebles when my parents heard but this stereotyping they stared to be more street but I didn’t know why they we’re doing this I because I don’t know Somalia’s as bad people .moving to Australia was heard for all member of but we sated together help each other and at end we got throw it together Look we all know it very difficult for people to adjust to new country especially if you from a third world country like Somalia and go to a first world country like Australia. Just like me and my family people that come to a new country Face new challenges everyday just to live. People move Frome because the bad condensation it facing so the come to Australia to get a batter like for them slave and their family

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