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Mowing the Lawn Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Today it happens again, we’ve only just restored the town, but never to its former glory. The largest catacombs, majestic queen parlors and bedrooms all were housed in the pre-destroyed city. We also had one of the best hospitals in all the land and the staff was so determined to keep the occupant completely cared for. Like that was their only job.

Even fighting the Reds attack we were superior. All was written in down on our history wall. How we invaded their home and killed them all. Taking the queen out and killing any workers that got in the way. Yes, we lost courageous workers, but not as many as the Reds.

One of our scouts saw the beast earlier today. We have not

been able to come up with a name for the beast, other than beast. The beast is unfathomable tall and

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just as long. And is usually accompanied by another beast, we have come to call a Noiry. They are composed by two enormous pillars and then two more pillars hanging from the heavens. These Noiries we have fought before and won, but are then usually thrown with one of their pillars. `We can feel the two come closer and closer. With each pass they come closer and closer. Their steps cause the earth to shake and make our cement to fall and crack. The workers try to combat the two and leave the nest, but are usually are never seen again. Their movement causes vibrations so intense; we can barely walk.

Then they come over the nest. Our roof is destroyed and taken away to the unknown, with it the young and many workers in the nursery. Many try to go rescue the defenseless young and some succeed but others are sucked away into the beast. It’s been a day since the attack; one of our scouts came back today and said that he thought he heard the two beasts talking about what they have done. They kept saying the same words again, again. As we continued to rebuild after the attack that never have a name; the scout uttered the words which we now call the attacks, mowing the lawn. -Nathan

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