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Mr. Kunit Sawangaromaya Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Thailand’s hotel industry is key driver for the nation’s economic system. In 2011, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) reported that there are a total of 14.46 million international tourists travelling to Thailand, increased about 4.65% from last year. The assessment of customer satisfaction in the industry is at ultimate importance for the hotel operators as well as for the nation. Yet, there is an inadequacy of research study examined perception of tourists and their satisfaction toward hotel service in Thailand. The current study attempted to fulfill this gap by investigating the perception of tourists and their level of satisfaction on components of SERVQUAL model and marketing mix (7Ps) with regard to Thailand’s hotel industry.

The study used quantitative research method. Questionnaire survey was the tool used to collect primary data from 400 guests of hotels in CBD zone in Bangkok. The study found impressive results for the Thai hotel sector. Overall, international tourists are satisfied with all components of SERVQUAL and 7Ps. They are satisfied with price of services, hotel’sproduct (reputation and facilities), place/area of hotel (convenience of transportation) and process of hotel operation. Tourists also agreed that hotel staff provides services with care and smile as well as give accurate information. Hotel staff also has required skills to perform five-star services. The results of the study then implied a very good sign for the growth of Thailand’s hotel industry, making the industry valued for further investment.

However, there are other factors (beyond marketing factors) that future research should be considered in order to enhance credibility of the result. Also, future research may conduct the same study in other areas in order to understand broader view associated with tourist perceptions.

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