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Mt St. Helens Earthquake Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Mt St. Helens was a spot of beauty and nature it was just above Sprit Lake in Washington and was a very common spot for holidays. No one remembered that is was an active volcano and would soon once again erupt like it had done hundreds of times before.

This stated happening on March 20th 1980. There was a small earthquake as the magma started to work its way up to the surface. The magma had been formed with pressure 8miles down. Its way was blocked with old hardened magma, this meant that the new magma could not get out and was directed to the north flank of mountain. On the 28th march the volcano started to thrown out ash people stared to release that the volcano was going to erupt. The magma kept been directed to the north of the mountain and began to form a bulge under the ground. On the 31st march the state declared that nobody was to go in a 20mile zone because they thought it was going to erupt soon. Harry Truman refused to move she said ‘this lake is my life’ and ‘this is all way over exaggerated’. Hundreds of tourists came to see it.

Everybody stared to lose interest when it did not erupt, so David Johnston was left all

alone to keep and eye on it. The bulge (krytodome) was growing faster by 6feet a day its finally go

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2 a size of 1km square there were thousands of small earthquakes going on each time that magma tried to get up. At 8:32am 19th may on a sunny bright Sunday morning the last earthquake took place-reaching 5.1 on the richer scale then the ground ripped away that was holding back the lava. The volcano erupted horizontally not veracity like most do to the north. At this time David Johnston was stood 5miles away to the north filming the earthquake. He quickly radioed Vancouver and told them what was going on he died at 8:34 am. We still have the footage he shot seconds before he died. The mudslide travelled at 100mph (the fastest ever recorded) carrying pieces of rock the size of houses it when straight in to sprit lake and killed harry Truman the 80 year old man that would not move. Th blast was travelling at 700mph carrying dust and ash. Nobody knew that Jerry martin was watching the volcano but he radioed a friend and told him that the volcano had erupted and was going to get him. He died

Jimmy Smanky was very lucky; he was cutting down trees 21 miles away. He did not hear the volcano, but he stared to run when a work mate started shouting that it has erupted. They didn’t even realise until they were in the ash jimmy survived but his two work mates didn’t. He was just badly burnt. Dorothy Stoffel was on her birthday treat flying over the mountain, she had no idea that when she did this it would erupt. She quickly flew off to the south and got away from the explosion. Luckily she survived

It was like night everywhere in 4min 370s/miles had been flattened nothing survived a 17 mile radius. It had been heard 700 miles away but was not heard 21 miles away. It was as powerful as 27 thousand Hiroshima bombs. 57 people were killed, it turned night into day and lowered all the temperatures around North America blocking out the sun with ash. Mt St Helens is one of 13 volcanoes we do not know then they are going to erupt.

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