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Introduction of TOPIC

1. Discuss how diversifying MTV into international markets could have affected MTV’s original American audience. By going into international markets MTV could have lost its focus on attracting American audience by creating programs that would address the needs and interests of other nationalities. So by trying to gain attention from non Americans there was a risk to decrease the American audience. Americans could have felt that MTV is no longer for Americans . The internet became an international market because people from all over the world can access its website, so it is important when an American types in their browser MTV, the person gets connected to the local website. An America most likely wouldn’t want to read Mexican news or download Portuguese music. However MTV was never at risk at losing their American audience because all other countries where MTV was marketed had 70% of their shows are specific to the local market.

2. Discuss any political, legal, economic ,social barriers that MTV may have had to overcome when diversifying into international countries. MTV was at risk to not be well received in more conservative countries where it’s programs could have been banned because of their religion (Israel) or form of government (Cuba- a communist country). However having the programs teach their audience the values of their country or have shows for children that could learn English, made it easier to penetrate the market. Because MTV never tried to export the American culture but rather to make people embrace their own culture it didn’t face opposition .

3.Identify and discuss a recent technological trend that MTV could take advantage of to assist in the development of foreign markets. MTV took advantage of the power of the internet and introduced on their website downloadable show segments. Because people are able to select and watch only shows they are interested in and download them , MTV became accessible anytime anywhere, on the go. MTV can take advantage of the new technology by creating apps on IPhone or IPads or software compatible with other tables or phones that are specifically created for each country. This way people can download music in their native tongue or watch local shows , while at the same time having the option to access international music as well.

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