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Explain how strategic management and the strategic management process are illustrated in this case. “Strategic management is a process of analyzing the current situation developing appropriate strategies, putting those strategies into action, and evaluating and changing those strategies as needed.” (Coulter, 2013, pg. 5) “The strategic management process implies sequential and interrelated activities leading to some outcome.” (Coulter, 2013, pg. 5) According to the case study MTV has been using a first in market strategy, and that strategy is what is helping them to succeed since they are centered in on several ranges of MTV such as MTV Asia. Latin America, Turkey, Arabia. (Coulter, 2013, pg. 22) What challenges do you think MTV might face in crafting future digital and global strategies?

I honestly do not think that MTV will face any challenges when it comes to crafting the future of digital and global strategies, except that they are going to have to do it without the guidance of former CEO Judy McGrath. What are some performance measures that MTV’s strategic decision makers might use as they evaluate the results of their digital and global strategies? MTV is using e-business for their digital and global strategies. It has 50 vertical sites which it uses for the results of the digital online strategy. What challenges might a change in strategic leadership bring to a company? The CEO Judy McGrath resigned so all the strategic decisions then became the responsibility of the president of Viacom. The president of Viacom might have a different way of doing things than Judy McGrath did, so that could cause challenges to accrue in the strategic leadership of the company. How might this affect the strategic management process? I really don’t know the answer to this question. Except the way things are done now that Judy McGrath is no longer CEO are going to be different.


Coulter, M. (2013). Strategic management in action. (6 ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc.

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