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Die Claudio Die!!! What men with such honour and pride would have the thought of embarrassing a woman on her wedding day which is supposed to be the most beautiful day of a woman’s life? God curse these foolish men and let them die in the boiling liquid of hell. During the wedding, Claudio harshly announces that he isn’t going to marry our dear sin-less Hero and fired up with insults which were like swords and daggers through Hero’s innocent lovely heart calling her a common stale, a rotten orange and that her blush is that of guiltiness causing Hero to faint. There, behind him stood Don John and Don Pedro acknowledging every word that Count Shame-less said and assisted him further in insulting my poor innocent lamb Hero. There, they stood Don Pedro and Don John nodding to whatever filthy lies came out of Claudio’s mouth. But this came to me like a shock that Don Pedro assisted him in doing so as I expected to be different from that Claudio. Being a Prince, especially the Prince of Aragon he needs to gain respect from wherever town or person he can get from but he has lost that from the people of Messina and especially me.

He did not only stand there acknowledging every word Claudio said but also added more insults against her as if Claudio’s remarks against her were not enough. Don Pedro also said that he has been dishonoured by linking his right man to our Hero as if his rivalry and continuous wars between his brother has ever helped him to restore his honour the kingdom had during his father’s governance. I thank God that he has made me a quick-thinker, else I would be stuck with the prince the whole of my life. Though Don John’s behaviour didn’t surprise me at all, he had the same usual sober expressionless face with few words coming out of his mouth as if nothing has gone wrong. Surprisingly I did not see either of Don John’s men, Borachio or Conrade, who knows what might have happen with them maybe they got heavily drunk and now rest somewhere in the yellow fields of Messina. Whatever might have happened with them was not any of my concern, as their drunken looks have always given by nightmares.

Claudio even stated that Hero was a property to be owned, which angered me more than ever as I couldn’t stand seeing my poor lamb being insulted right in front of my eyes. I wanted to break my silence, go in front of Hero and fight swords with Claudio, though only with words. After the three soulless scoundrels Don Pedro, Don John and villain of all villains Claudio; on hearing all this, I wished that I would have taken the sword from Benedict’s case (as he was standing next to me) and thrive it through Claudio’s heart, but no I couldn’t do so; as God has locked me in a defenceless woman’s body so my body cannot act against the insults; instead I have to face all this.

One more crook uncovered his true identity and that didn’t surprise me at all as it was the respected Mayor of Messina my Uncle Leonato who flared up in rage on hearing the accusations against Hero. The reason why I wasn’t surprised at all on his rage is because this is not the first time this happened, I remembered the time when she was just 10 years and mistakenly lit the guest house, exactly two days before the Prince of Florentine’s arrival. He got so angry with her, that he did not talk to her for a day and had rather locked her up in her chamber for two whole days. This is how much torture he has implemented on her since the day she has been a girl. Note that surprisingly my secret love Benedict wasn’t included in the list of the rascals as he kept by Hero’s side meaning my side even after hearing the accusations.

The old foolish man started shouting at Hero always referring to himself how his honour has been damaged by Hero’s actions. He mentioned that he wished Hero was dead and that she would have never been born. Uncle should have supported her and fought for her regarding the accusations but to my dismay not only mine but to everyone’s dismay he acted as one of those villains. That was not all that surprised me, uncle Antonio didn’t say a word against Claudio’s accusation although he being Hero’s most prized uncle who used to support her in every way he could, he would get her glass of milk whenever uncle Leonato refused her to have any more. And whenever she would weep, he would tell her stories and tried every way to cheer her up, he was always there to support her, but this time he flabbergasted us with his unsupportive attitude during the wedding.

I was weeping from inside but face stood emotionless the whole time from the outside and my anger as going to reach its peak but suddenly I realised that I had Benedict beside my side the whole time. His presence was what that gave me the power to hold myself in one piece and not breakdown; it was my dear Benedict (I know it is terrifying that out in this world there is someone who loves me and there is someone whom I love). I was on Hero’s side but the evidence presented against Hero was so strong that even I doubted it from inside and so I wept.

Soon everyone left the church with hearts full of sadness and grief, thus I was left alone with Benedict, ignoring his presence I waited till everyone left so my heart could continue weeping but openly. From behind came Benedict, he sat right alongside me and questioned me whether I was weeping the whole while. I agreed at the spot without any hesitation and in a while confessed our love for each other. I soon got engaged with him and he vowed to me that he would duel against Claudio to extract our revenge for ruining my cousin’s honour with such insults and accusations that she would never be able to show her face as an ideal woman again at Messina. I could still feel the anger underneath my heart to kill Claudio myself, but I have no power or right to follow my will but to sit here and weep, because I have been handicapped in being given a woman’s role.

I need to snooze off as fast as I can before I have to see the innocent faultless lamb’s face in my chamber-room which would set my eyes weeping and my heart grieving for the poor soul.

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