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In ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ Shakespeare uses effective language such as imagery to show the feelings and different moods of the characters. Shakespeare expresses the feelings of his characters by using dramatic stage actions and poetic meaningful words to stress there emotions.

“Oh that I were a man, I would eat his heart in a market place”

She will bring forth this line in a strong powerful voice while her hands are in fists and her teeth are gritting. This line shows me Beatrice’s aggression and shows me that Beatrice is frustrated that she is unable to take revenge herself she is trying to manipulate Benedick into being the man that will challenge Claudio for her. At this stage the mood of the atmosphere has changed form downfall of her cousin’s pride to the revenge of Claudio.

In Act 4 Scene 1 Benedick is ready to show his affection. He is strong-minded that he loves her, wants him to gain her trust and is certain that she loves him back.

“By my sword, Beatrice, thou lovest me”

The quote shows me that the language used here is stating that Benedick is determined to be with her and do anything to be with her. As well as explaining the ides of his sword resembling to an oath. He is swearing for certain that she loves him. His question turns into a statement. By doing this he must deliver the line in a firm voice, while staring into her eyes to show that what he is saying is meaningful.

In the characters language Shakespeare also used poetic devices. This created an effective atmosphere and mood to suit the scene. A fine example is when Beatrice and Benedick are finally left alone on stage near to the end of Act 4 Scene 1. This part of the scene was the only private time Benedick and Beatrice had. In this scene each character had changed emotionally and physically as they have let there (feelings) guard down.

“Lady Beatrice, have you wept all this while?”

Beatrice is grieving over her cousins, so Benedick is trying to comfort her and support her. The quote shows me that he appears to be a gentleman, by calling her lady makes him seem more light hearted then he really is and shows how much more respect he has for her. He will state this line in a loving caring voice while slowly approaching her level and having his arm around her. There is a contrast in atmosphere between the scenes from accusation to love to revenge.

The play also contains two kinds of language: blank verse and prose which help create atmosphere and mood of settings and character. Shakespeare uses this very effectively both the extracts, it links to the idea of the changeability in human nature. And how just being in front of people can hide who you really are, and that your words come back at you.

Act 5 scene 4 is a more public place so we see that Benedick and Beatrice are back to themselves.

“…………………which is Beatrice “

“(unmasking) I answer to that name”

When Beatrice removes her mask she is not just removing her mask but sociologically and metaphorically removing a barrier of her true feelings. This shows that she is unable to admit or show her feelings in front of people. And that she has changed he mind on the matter of love such as Benedick.

“Peace I will stop your mouth (kissing her)”

This indicates that Benedick is finally willing to show his affection in public and just wants her to be quite. He will deliver this line in a strong manly voice whilst grabbing her waist. But he knows that his friends are going to remind him of what he said about being a bachelor and never getting married.

The atmosphere and mood in Act 4 Scene 1 and Act 5 Scene 4 are complete difference in atmosphere. Act 4 Scene 1 has more humiliation and revenge as to Act 5 Scene 4 is more lighthearted and more love, marriage in the atmosphere. There is a joyous conclusion which Shakespeare always has.

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