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1.1.Explain the importance of multi-agency working and integrated working

The importance of multi=agency and integrated working (such as Sure Start centres) is to ensure that children, young people and families needs can be dealt with promplyt and efficiently because all services are working together and can pass onto one another, information without unnecessary tedious delays of trying to find the next person to help. It allows the parent or carer to pass through stages smoothly and to be referred to the next service accordingly. This ensures that parents or carers are not left fretting of where to go next and makes processing between services more efficient, less stressful and referrals are made correctly. The multi agencies including health, education, childcare and social care services, are working together. Multi-agency working brings together practitioners from different sectors and professions to provide an integrated way of working to support children, young people and families.

It is a way of working that ensures children and young people who need additional support have exactly the right professionals needed to support them. Where services work together within a single unit and have regular meetings across services in the best interests of the child, young person and families. Multi-agency working could involve anyone whose job or voluntary work puts them in contact with children, young people and their families. Multi-agency working provides benefits for children, young people and families because they receive tailor-made support in the most efficient way. What is achieved with multi agency working and integrated working? •early identification and intervention

•improved achievement in education and better engagement in education •better support for parents
•children, young people and family’s needs addressed more appropriately •better quality services and a reduced need for more specialist services. •Personal details, so there is no need to be continually re-writing the same details over and over again from service to service •History trails so it is easier to access services and expertise •What has been done to date, so each service are aware of what criteria’s have been established and met •What has been said and evaluated to date, so everyone is aware of what each service has spoken about and worked on •What processes are in the running to date, so all services can tie any loose ends that care plans are met in the interest of the child and adequate support is provided for the families •What conclusions have been made so that everyone knows what more needs to be done •The next stage so everyone is aware of what needs to be done next in the child’s and families interest Multi Agencies include:

•Practitioners (from Early Years and childcare settings and youth services)
•Play specialists
•Workers from voluntary groups
•Speech and language therapist
•Doctors and Nurses
•Social Workers and residential care workers
•Health Visitors
•Probation Officers

Integrated working includes:
•Services such as Sure Start. The centres are open to all parents, carers and children and many of the services are free. You can get help and advice on child and family health, parenting, money, training and employment. Some sure Start centres may have many services all under one roof such as health visitors, baby clinics, a nursery , after school clubs, speech and language therapist, career advice and, adult education classes. Integrated working focuses on enabling and encouraging professionals to work together effectively to deliver frontline services

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