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When creating a multi-layered security plan, I would look at all seven domains of the IT infrastructure and then increase the security on each of those domains because that will increase the security for the whole plan. In the user domain, this is the quickest way for the system to be compromised the users. So I would implement complex passwords including eight or more characters, both upper and lower case, and use of at least one special character. Passwords will also need to be changed every 90 days and the same password cannot be used again for three calendar years. In the workstation domain, I would make sure that each workstations, whether desktop or laptop has some security on it like antivirus and malware protection installed. Laptops can be very vulnerable for loss or theft, which would make me install an encrypted hard drive so if it is stolen the data can only be retrieved by the owner. For the LAN domain, just train all users about email scams. I would guess that most users know not to access suspicious emails when on our system but I would still implement to the users a quick training course.

Then I we should add spam filters this will help get rid of most of the junk email. In the LAN-to-WAN domain, we need to shut down the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server we have running and switch it over to use secure FTP so that only users allowed on our system can access our FTP server. In the WAN domain, we need to make sure that we have firewalls set up on our network that will filter all incoming traffic. This firewall will stop all traffic coming on to our system that is not meant or not wanted our network. In the Remote Access Domain, we need to establish strict user password policies, as well as lockout policies to defend against brute force attacks, require the use of authorization tokens have a real-time lockout procedure if token is lost, or stolen. The last domain is System/Application domain we need to protect this domain by securing the physical access to computer rooms. And should have a disaster recovery plan just in case something goes wrong because this domain is the most critical part of a security plan and all major parts of the company’s infrastructure such as servers and even the critical data stored on them.

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