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Multinational Corporations Essay Sample

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Multinational Corporations Essay Sample

Discuss the three demographic variables and how they affect population growth or shrinkage.

Explain the difference between prejudice and discrimination. Is it possible to be prejudiced but not discriminate? To discriminate without being prejudiced?

Identify the models of urban growth and explain how they differ. Why do these models tell only a partial story of how cities are constructed?

Summarize the historical process of population growth, referred to as the demographic transition, that occurred in Europe.

According to conflict theory, how can prejudice be used to create a split-labor market? What advantage does this give to dominant groups in society?

According to Immanuel Wallerstein’s world system theory, how did the world’s nations become stratified? Immanuel Wallerstein believed in the world system theory. Industrial groups led to four groups of nations. The first core nations are Britain, France, Holland and Germany, the rich and powerful. The semi periphery nations around the Mediterranean stagnated and traded with the core nations. The periphery developed less than all, they are the European nations who sold crops to the core nations.

The external area was left out of development and capitalism and included most of Africa and Asia. The economies of nations are all interconnected and dependent on each other. This is called globalization of capitalism. It seems that the external areas suffer the most and deserve our attention. With such an immense amount of power and resources spread across the world, the core nations should be ensuring that fellow human beings in the world are fairly treated and have enough food to eat. Capitalism or greed seems to be more important than humanitarian efforts.

Historically, four social revolutions have occurred as a result of new technologies. Identify the technologies that led to these social changes and explain the consequences of these technologies. The technology that lead to the first social revolution were the hunters and gatherers to horticultural and pastoral societies. For example; when Native Americans began to plant corn from the pilgrims of the Mayflower. The second social revolution came from the plow which created agricultural societies that could trade their excess production for other supplies.

The steam engine caused the third revolution. Now societies became more industrialized, large cities were formed and populated by capitalists and laborers. In an agricultural society people depend on each other for trade and survival. During the agricultural revolution, people worked and relied less on each other for survival. Life became less intimate with the neighbors. This way of life created laborers who are exploited by the owners of the businesses who hired them or capitalists.

I believe that society has completely disconnected from the intimate relationships needed for a healthy society. People, and children, should be spending less time buying, spending and watching technology and more time creating intimate relationships with each other, while the entire family and communities grow their own food. Can’t we recreate an agricultural society?

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