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Multiple conditions and disabilities can affect an individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing. They may require extra support and encouragement with any activities they undertake, which could be a combination of both mental and physical disabilities. They will also need empathy and support with any emotional needs they may have. Multiple conditions usually have additional impacts on individuals’ wellbeing and quality of life. A person with arthritis only can live at home with minimum help of a carer but elderly people who have arthritis and dementia in addition, for them it is safer to live in care home. Multiple conditions also require different kinds of medications which are not without side effects. This is also an additional impact on wellbeing that patients have to live with. 2.1

Professionals have many different roles to individuals. There is the doctor who will prescribe and offer information regarding treatment, there is the nurse who will treat physical and mental conditions and listen to they should be able to offer advice. Then there are the physiotherapists who deal with the physical wellbeing exercise’s etc., the occupational therapist who will help with every day aids to make life easier. Then there is dietician who can offer different foods and protein aids. Other Professionals who provide support would include social workers who look after the individual’s wellbeing by making sure they have the support pyramid they need. 2.2

Equipment may be required to support the additional needs of individuals with multiple conditions: hoist, wheelchairs, zimmer frames, turntables, reading glasses, hearing aids, special aids such as large cutlery and specially adapted drinking mugs etc.

Resources include all the professionals and equipment listed in 2.1 and 2.2. are required to support an individual. Other resources could be from the internet, magazine articles, books, and reports etc.

Informal networks such as family, friends, and neighbours can play a very important role giving emotional and physical support to the individuals. Informal networks can provide a very wide range of ideas; knowledge and expertise, whilst keeping it informal so that participants are less likely feel nervous or scared.

My own role is to support the patients in their entire daily living needs eg. washing, eating,going to the toilet, moving, etc. I also support them with their mental health needs by talking to them, trying to alleviate their fears. In some cases when the individual is extremely stressed then I request advice from the nurse which can sometimes result in prn being given. My role is to be someone they trust to help them and to be able to assist at all times when possible.

Reflecting on my day helps me to identify gaps and areas that can be improved. I was taking a client for a walk around the grounds. My client is elderly and suffers from dementia. I was a little worried about taking him out on my own because recently he has not wanted to return to the unit. The walk around the grounds went well but when it was time to ask the individual to return he refused. Unfortunately nothing that I was saying to him was making any difference he was adamant that he was staying out. After about 10 mins of me trying to persuade him to return a female member of staff drove up in her car and parked she was about to start her shift. I called over and asked her if she would ask my individual to come with her for a cup of tea.

The member of staff knew the individual very well and approached him using his name and asked if he would like to come with her for cup of tea. This worked really well and the individual returned to his unit and had a cup of tea. I spoke to my team leader about this and it was decided that on reflection 2 support workers should go out with the individual for grounds walk in future. This offers support to the support worker and enables the individual to still be able to go for his daily walk which he really looks forward to. I enjoy taking this individual out because it is something he likes to do and we should try to maintain as many activities as possible that the individuals enjoy doing.

I take additional advice and support from my team leader and my nurse in charge. I also have the daily advice and support from the other team members that work with me. I participate in training days and read articles on the internet. By taking my diploma in health care I am improving my own practice.

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