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Muscular and Skeletal System Worksheet Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Complete the following steps before answering the questions below:

1. Review the following clinical illustrations in ADAM:
Clinical Illustrations
Skeletal System- upper limb- radial head injury fracture types bone building exercise
Muscular System – upper limb- active vs inactive

2. Review the Joints Case Study at the anatomy and physiology place.

3. Answer the questions below. You may use your text and any other resources you wish, please be sure to cite your sources! Submit your answers as a word document to the week 3 dropbox.


1. List two factors that keep bones healthy. Describe in detail how these factors impact bone health. Exercise and Vitamin D. When you do not exercise and have enough vitamin D, your bones become thin and fragile. Not only will that happen, but your bones will tend t

o break or fracture easily. 2. Describe the process of healing a

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A hematoma forms, The break is splinted by a fibrocartilage callus, The bony callus forms, lastly bone remodeling occurs.

3. In the case study, what type of joint did Torin injure? What is the range of motion of this joint? My plug-in was not working so I could not see the x-ray, but it seems that Torin may have dislocated her shoulder and the range of motion for that joing can range from 0-90 degrees.

4. How does the saying “use it or lose it” apply to muscles? What type of exercise is the best way to improve muscle strength? muscle size? In your answer be sure to explain how the different types of exercise work to increase strength or size! It basically means when you do not use your muscles they just get flabby and weak. The best exercise to improve muscle strength is strength-training exercises. Weight training is most common this is ideal for strengthening and building muscles.

5. Why do all muscle cross a joint? Define the attachment points of muscle to bone. It is very important for muscles to cross a joint so that they can be flexible enough to move. All muscles are attached to bones at two points. The origin is the immovable attachment; the insertion is the movable bony attachment. When contraction occurs, the insertion moves toward the origin.

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