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The connection between politics and music can sometimes be rather discreet, and a lot of songwriters today include many messages in their song lyrics which would appear subliminal until analysed. Political issues are expressed in music and I believe this is because music is one of the most effective ways to reach out to people, as not everyone watches the news or picks up a newspaper. Because popular musicians have such a large fan base and a strong influential impact on their fans, it would work effectively to openly promote and support political candidates as well as particular causes, or write their music in order to rebel against them. A great example of this is the song ‘if I was president’ by Wycliffe jean, this song was inspired by conspiracy theory, because it was believed that unnecessary amounts of money has been spent on the war and the president just sits back and looks at what is happening, Wycliffe believes that every time somebody comes along to try and present the truth, they’d be ‘assassinated’.

He wrote this song and put himself in the president’s position, believing that he himself would be assassinated the same as martin Luther King and John F Kennedy did. Wycliffe believes that the ‘children’ should be told the truth, and everyone should strive to be the president. In 2008, will I am produced two video’s which were made in order to make America support the work of Barrack Obama. The song ‘we are the ones’ features people from different walks of life explaining what they would like to change about the earth. One example is ‘I think it’s time to change, I want a better future for my children’ after each person gives an opinion. All of the people featured in the video recite Obama’s name. This video and the video ‘yes we can’ became very popular with over 28 million views between them. ‘ didn’t set out to make history. In fact, says the Black Eyed Peas front man, he’s not even political. But much like the masses around him, the rapper-producer was inspired by a junior senator from Chicago named Barack Obama: inspired by his charisma, his message and what he believed he could accomplish’


These 2 videos are prove artists, even if they are non political, support political movements and are willing to use the music they have the talent to produce to represent their opinions and make an impact.

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