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Music is an important aspect of everyday life; it can be heard everywhere from the car radio to the local coffee shop. It allows people to express their thoughts and feelings in a way nothing else can. Music also has the unique ability to connect people on a deeper level and come together as one. To me, music serves as an outlet. I’m able to escape whatever problems I’m having and lose myself in the song.

As mentioned, music has an extreme power of conveying a message and making people feel a certain way. It’s always there for me whether I’m sad, happy, angry or heartbroken. Music can put my mind at ease and change my mood within minutes. If I’m having a bad day, I can listen to my favorite song or band and almost instantly forget what was bothering me to begin with. It’s able alleviate my stress and remember the positive things in life. Music also helps me recognize what I’m subconsciously feeling. For example, if I feel myself connecting to slow and somber songs I begin to realize that something is upsetting me in my life. Such songs make me concentrate on the meaning behind the lyrics and focus on what specifically is upsetting me. Just by listening to the song, I’m able to clear my head and feel better about my life. This is important to me because I can stay in tune with my emotions and relate to the true meaning of the music.

Another reason why I love music is because it brings people together so easily. No matter what country someone is from or what religion they are, music can serve as a common ground. My friends and I are different in many ways but we all share the same passion for music whether it is rock, country, R&B, or even jazz. No matter what genre is playing, we all enjoy singing and dancing along whether we know the song or not. It brings out the best in each of us because it allows us to relax and have fun together. Concerts are also important to my friends and me, especially in the summer. Transitioning from high school to college was difficult; it was hard for me not to see my friend’s everyday. However, when we’re all home in the summer we get together and go to the local concerts; country concerts in particular. Not only is it great to reunite with my best friends but also we are able to bond over something we all deeply appreciate.

Music is a universal language to which everyone can relate and understand. It can be interpreted in multiple ways depending on who is listening. R&B, for instance, can make one person feel depressed while another feels uplifted and inspired. Each person takes away a different meaning of the lyrics while getting lost in the melody and rhythm of the song. I like that it can be deciphered in so many different ways because it gives me a new perspective each time I listen to it. If every song meant the same to each person, there would be nothing unique or special about music. Music is a big part of my life and without it I would be lost. It has shaped who I am today and how I react to certain situations. It gives me an alternative way to express how I feel when nothing else can. No matter what’s going on in my life I can always rely on music being there for me. I love being able to listen to a song and relate it to a time in my life where I was happy and blissful. Even certain genres give me that joyful feeling, such as pop and country. It can put a smile on my face and change my mood immediately. The messages each song conveys is so powerful that it gives me an opportunity to escape my own mind and think clearly.

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