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My Big Fat Greek Wedding is Canadian-American movie which was directed by Joel Zwick in 2002. The movie combined between romance and comedy to show the different habits between Greek and American ordinary people. The main character is girl named Tula who suffers from her Greek family whose tried to prevent her from marrying the man she loved. At last Tula won and married her lover Ian Miller and they celebrate in a purely Greek wedding.

I noticed that marriage in Greek culture is a very big deal and mostly they think that Greeks must marry Greeks to have more Greeks, as Tula’s father thinks. The father was very fanatic to his culture and he has a funny function which says that all roots of words are Greek!

When Tula’s family in the movie agreed that lan Miller marry her, they invited Miller family for a dinner. That dinner showed the differences between the two families. I noticed that the Greek family was very big and their life is centered on the family unit whereas Miller family was an extreme example which represented the individualistic culture.

The big wedding was in the church as any normal Greek wedding. The family of the girl warmly welcomed the new husband, who joined their family. In the party the Greek family provided food for the Miller family but they did not accept it and this showed that culture differences can also include food and drinks.

In conclusion, I think the movie was well as a symbol of the different civilizations. All cultures around the world have their own traditions and thoughts. Most of families and parents have a strong influence on children to follow their cultures. Certainly we must respect other cultures as we want them to respect us.

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