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My Cousin Vinny, I can somehow relate to the part of Vinnie’s girlfriend Lisa. I was in fact an out of work hairdresser and dated a guy going for his bar exam and finally passing on the 5th try then doing his first real live legal case but he didnt do any murder trials. Although, we all know that in real life, people like Vinnie probably wouldnt have had the same opportunity in being allowed to represent a client far away in another state unless that attorney was allowed to represent that person “pro hoc” which means, “this time only.”

Lisa’s testimony was definitely credible and she was the entire case as far as the charges being dropped against the defendants were concerned. To me, it would be like a million to one shot that 2 men are in a convenience store, driving an old convertible, while being at that same store the same time the clerk was killed by two other men. I feel the chances of that happening in real life would be alot slimmer but Im sure cases like that have happened in real life before.

Vinnie’s courtroom tactics definitely would not be allowed in a real courtroom in especially when he kept changing his name, wearing a leather coat or tuxedo. But all in all, it was Lisa’s expert testimony that to me was very impressive, with her knowing all about mechanics. The elderly woman’s testimony about her giving a good description of the two men and the car they were driving, was also impressive in how Vinnie was able to discredit her about her eyesight. Also, when Vinnie cross examined the male witness with the pictures Vinnie placed in front of the witness describing, trees, dirt on windows and leaves on the trees. To me, an expert witness while being cross examined, if they never break down and hold firm while giving testimony, is very impressive, especially while telling the whole truth and having expert knowledge in the field of mechanics, and best of all, by that expert being a woman.

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