My Culture, My Power Essay Sample

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One summer I was bored to death for I was left with nothing to do until my little cousin pointed out a CD from above my study table. It was an animated movie titled Fantasia. We haven’t watched it so we ended up putting it in the DVD player and our eyes were glued to the television. As the story progressed, it became more and more interesting. But, there’s this

there’s this part wherein a black creature serves the white creature. Then, a thought came flashing right into my mind. Racism? I remembered our past lesson in history. There’s this term called “The White Man’s Burden” and as what I have remembered, it means that it is the responsibility of white people to govern and impart their culture to nonwhite people. “Why?” I asked. Imagining the hardships that our nonwhite fellow inhabitants in this planet encountered during the colonization and imperialism era is so heartbreaking; not to mention nerve-wracking. Although black and white are different, still, they are both colors! People may have different shades but we live in this same old planet called Earth which was created by one creator—God. From my point of view, I think racism is the short term of discriminating one’s culture and beliefs.

I thought racial discrimination has ended together with the conclusion of imperialism and colonization; however, it is still observable up until now. Racism has evolved. Before, numerous white-skinned people only discriminate those black-skinned ones. Now, even the ‘whites’ compare themselves to other whites and the ‘blacks’ compare themselves to other blacks regarding or disregarding their culture. Even those with the same culture discriminate one another! There’s this time during our class in Physics in which my classmates seemed so bored and sleepy. No one listened to the discussion of our teacher until he noticed us and stated a quote: “You can force the horse to go to the river but you cannot force the horse to drink the water in the river.” I didn’t get it at first but as he explained it further, I started to gain the understanding about the moral of the quote thereof. It’s the same as letting other people adapt one’s culture forcefully. Culture means, people’s ‘way of life’. Every country has its own culture, and so does any group of people. There are principles that we haven’t carry into our minds. It is that each culture is unique; each culture is wonderful and colorful.

Each culture has its own story and each culture must be and does deserve to be respected. Why adapt or imitate other culture when you have your own? Why discriminate or put down other culture? This world is composed of almost 7.5 billion people, there are hundreds of cultures—and one of them is mine—the Filipino culture. Our culture? It’s the bliss in the gratefulness to the Lord, as religious and conservative country, to the paradise-like nature wonders with the remarkable hospitability to its guests! It’s the colorful and jolly beat of mixed urban modernizations and preservations of the past deeds. It’s the spirit of the small land of pieces of islands fighting for its economic stand and global competitiveness. Moreover, it’s the hopeful smiles of the people who are strong enough to take any hurricane or flood in life. They say, it’s the people who shape the culture. Yes, it’s the Filipinos who molded Filipino culture from its clothing to language and literature to its food. Many Filipinos all over the world are criticized because they’re Filipinos but I should say that among any other beautiful cultures in the world—in Asia, I am still proud of my culture whatever my color is, my dialect is, or whatever my country is, because my culture is my power!

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