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Today is the very first time I’ve ever made a diary; it’s also the first time I’ve ever been stranded on a desert island. I know this sounds really cheesy but this is how my life was turned upside down. A week ago on Monday was my usual day, wake up, have a shower, nip to the shops, then go to school, then after school hang out with my friends for a bit then go home. It was almost 5 o’clock when I got home and my mum usually would’ve shouted at me for coming home a bit late, but I could see the excitement in her face when she answered the door. She took me in to the kitchen and sat me down on a chair. She was smiling from ear to ear, she definitely had some good news for me, she was shaking like a Chihuahua, and she looked like she was going to burst! “WE’RE GOING ON A CRUISE CHIP TO HAWAII, THEN WE’RE GOING TO TRAVEL TO JAMAICA ONCE WE GET BACK HOME!!!” my mum burst out. She’d said it so fast that I only vaguely heard what she said. “That’s great news mum!” I exclaimed. After that mum made me pack heaps of clothes and sun cream, part of me was really excited but the other part of me really wanted to stay.

I really should’ve stayed home because now I’m stranded on a desert island ALONE. Well back to the story, mum woke me up at 5:00am in the morning, I was shattered, I could feel puffy bags under my eyes and my body was aching all over. We got dressed, ate some breakfast then loaded the taxi with our suitcases and off to the airport we went. We had to fly to Spain to get to the cruise ship and off to Hawaii, it was a lot of hassle but in the end we got to the cruise ship. The cruise ship was huge! And our room was luxurious! After six days of relaxing in the sun and hydrating ourselves with smoothies my mum arranged for us to go banana boating whilst the cruise ship stopped for a bit on a little village. Over the six days I’d really changed my mind about the cruise, I was happy to be there and I didn’t want to leave. The banana boating was going to last half an hour and we were going to fit as much fun as we could in that short space of time.

We banana boated for about ten minutes, then the man controlling the speed boat started making his way back to land, my mum protested and demanded for us to stay on the banana boat for another 15 minutes. The man wouldn’t let us and my mum started shouting, my mum jumped on to his speed boat, trying to control it but the man unhooked the banana boat form his speed boat and then he sped on to the land with my mum in the speed boat with him. I heard people gasping and pointing toward the sea, I looked and saw a HUGE wave coming toward me, everyone on the land ran to safety but I was still on the banana boat. Stuck. No way off. I could’ve swam it but that would’ve made things worse. The wave came and sheltered over me and then things were black. When I woke up I was on this desert island, surrounding me was a notebook and pen, a mirror, a chocolate bar, a knife and a blanket. I haven’t yet explored the island but I might tomorrow but for now I shall concentrate on making a camp and trying to find a way off this island.

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