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October 18th, 2014 was the day which I cannot not to embrace it in my mind. That was a Saturday, which I did not have to take my evening classes at IFL as weekday schedules. That was a very special day I wished to have in my life for these twenty years. Personally, it was supposed to be an exciting moment; however, things was not that as expected. The story was initially started by a night before it, which was in October 17th, 2014. On that night, I received a Facebook inbox from a guy, who I had been chatting to, texted to date me out to meet on the following day. I got no hesitation to refuse him since I also wondered how he was in real person beyond in social media channel. Hence, the date was confirmed. I was kind of suffering an unusual heartbeat, and I was like could not fall asleep well at that night. Tick tock, tick tock… the time was flying in a slow speed that I could not wait anymore to let it reached 5pm as soon as possible. Hours passed, I prepared myself in a gorgeous dress and preceded the dating venue a half hour to make sure I was not late for my first date as I was late for every class at school. Unluckily, the early arrival made me bored and impatient to wait my partner.

I was counting my phone’s clock again to wish every minute could flied a bit faster, and it was like a ten-minute late from the appointed time that I was sit still without seeing his shadow to reach me. I was so hungry and could not wait not to order the meal. That my bad routine of posting my meal on Facebook before I had it gave myself an excuse to access the free Wi-Fi and chatted to him why he was not yet there. Then I got a sign of “Seen” via the chat without any response back. Frustrated by the chat, I was quite aggressive, and accidently on the way to restroom, I hit the café’s servant while he was serving another customer’s coffee. As a consequence, I was spilt with brown stain of coffee kissed on my beautiful dress. That moment, I was like a naughty girl who could not control not to spread out my bad-mood temper to that servant in a quite loud voice. Suddenly, there were decades of eyes focused on me, and I was awkward to run to restroom to let myself invisible from this embarrassing world.

Not in an obvious memory, it was like a five-minute tearing I suffered in the restroom by criticizing myself why I had been too serious with this silly date, or he was really that prioritize in my mind. I was just could not give myself a certain answer from that subtle tear. Anyway, as I directed to back to my seat, I saw a person’s shadow which I could assume as him as what his picture shown in Facebook departed not quite far from my table. However, I did not believe that guy was him as long as I reached my place and saw a small paper on my desk noted he was so sorry to waste my devotion both on time and making up, and unintentionally saw my madness toward to the servant since this date was just to win over a playful game between him and his friend; therefore, to show his apology, he had already paid the bill. Ultimately, I got the message and convinced myself it was just only a nightmare I had been dreaming that it could not be true, yet the hurting emotion proofed it was not. It was a real unforgettably disastrous first date I used to have, and it taught me to regard how stupid and naive I was for love. I should have cleared this embarrassing memory, but it was impossible because it was my first date.

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