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No matter how old we are, we never stop dreaming. Using our imagination in the highest way we create our own world, where we are free and brave. People are different and our dreams are different too but in one point we are the same because in our dreams, what we create seems to be perfect for us. So I created my dream perfect city which I call the city of Warriors. When I travel to my city I do not want to come back the city like magnet stretches me with its nature, people, and soul. I created this city for a long time and now it is done but it never stops developing. In one side surrounded with alpine mountains and deep forests and in the other side washed by the waters of ocean is located Warrior. It is a big and peaceful city and has a unique beauty. It is like a mysterious and flawless young girl. The city has beautiful nature full of greenness that it will seem to you that from the blue sky a green flowery waterfall is falling into the pure blue ocean. While walking on the wide streets of Warrior you can smell the mixture of moist wood ocean and roses.

You can hear birds singing on the trees and feel how colorful butterflies quick and gentle touch to your skin. The weather is warm and lovely, sometimes the ocean winds bring rains. In my dream city you cannot help admiring how the sun in the morning spreads its brightness and when the sun goes down into the ocean the real magic happens. So this is the soul of that young girl and her look and voice are as attractive as her soul. The architecture of the city is magnificent. The buildings are in style of ancient Rome and Greece. Every building is a masterpiece. The color of the city is changeable according to mood. There are a lot of large libraries, cafes, museums, shops, theaters, pubs, universities and colleges. The various parts of the city presents a separate culture and in one side of the city you can listen Spanish guitar, in the other part classical music, hip hop, jazz. In Warrior there are no special events people do not need something special to have fun they create their event and day and night we dance and sing.

All these were created by the people of my city. Warrior is a populated city. People are very kind and generous to each other. They never give up while doing something they always fight for their dreams, goals, happiness, success like warriors hence the name of the city The city of Warriors. Here are all color types of skin, eye, hair. People In Warier are very fashionable they wear Chanel, Valentino, D&G and they are available for everyone. In my city people are very educated and they value the importance of education and they are very reader. People of my city are unique they know that life is not limitless and they enjoy every minute of their life and just happy of what they have.

I created my dream city because sometimes we all want go away from the real world which is not perfect and relax forgetting about everything. My city is perfect because people of Warrior know how to turn things for the better and they give me energy to come back reality and go ahead for my dreams. I do not know why but in my city I always imagine me in café enjoying a cup of cappuccino with French croissant in one of the squares of the city where is a big fountain and doves around it and I look at the blue sky people`s happy faces and thinking to myself as Louis Armstrong says ‘’ What a wonderful world! ’’.

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