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There are thousands of places in this country to make a career. In my opinion the medical industry is one of the best places to spend your time working because the work goes for a greater cause to help people in need. There are many workplace options in the medical field. I have put great thought into where I would want to work when I graduate from college and I came up with one answer. I want to work from home. I`m sure there are plenty of people that would agree that they would love to work from home. It seems like it would be the greatest place to work. I love the idea of waking up, making coffee and sending my kids off to school just in time to sit down at my desk in my home office dressed in my pajamas to get my work done. Working from home would probably be the most comfortable work environment available. There are pros and cons to having a home-based business.

The pros are simple; it is very comfortable and you are able to control the workplace atmosphere. You can spend more time with your family when you do not have to commute to your workplace. The cons are obvious; you do not get socialization with other people and you have to stay in one place all the time. In my opinion the pros of having a home-based business outweigh the cons. Staying at home and working is not for everyone, but I believe that it is for me. I love to spend time with my family and at the same time I love to make a difference when I can in the world. I believe that my part in the medical field can make a difference even if it is a small one and by working from home I think that it would be most productive.

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