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My favorite movie is Turbo. In the movie, a snail lived in a Los Angeles garden​ named Theo have a dream of being the fastest racer in the world. One Day, When he was standing on the edge on the freeway and admiring the speed of cars, He accidently fell on the a race car and got sucked in the to nitro tank and was charged with car abilities. The next day, Him and his brother were fired by the garden warden when he accidentally “drove” a tricycle into the garden. After they were fired, The snails were captured by Tito, a taco truck driver, and was brought to a snail race. There he met a bunch of different people and snails who worked in a little street mall and he won the race using his new obtained speed. That night, Theo discovered that the other snails have superspeed too and he decide to join the crew.Then, Tito convinced everybody that the snail should join the Indiana 500, it was tough, but they agreed at last.

In the race, Guy Gagne, the five time Indiana 500 champion, try to kill the snail by on the last lap by forcing him to the wall and Theo broke his shell. But Guy also lost control and crashed. Then, Theo’s brother’s, Chet, flew down on a crow and told his brother not to give up. At that time, Guy also woke up from the crash and try to beat the snail by dragging the car. But the snail was just a little faster, and Guy try to grab and kill the snail to prevent him from finishing. But Theo “Tuck and roll”ed just in time and Guy just gave Theo enough force to cross the finish line. I like this movie because it’s very exciting to watch, It has a very cool and interesting storyline, and it is funny too. That’s why I like to watch this movie over and over again and that’s why it’s my favorite movie.

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