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There are three main reasons why it is my favorite season. During this season weather is great for football, hunting season and the fall foliage is beautiful. During fall the nights are cooling off, which makes the weather perfect for football season. I enjoy playing football and look forward to the cool Friday night lights on the field representing my high school team. I also enjoy going and watching Georgia football games on Saturday. The fall weather makes the games more enjoyable and is my favorite time of the year because I get to play my favorite sport. Fall is also the season for hunting. I enjoy hunting because it is a great way to enjoy the outdoor Halloween occurs at this time, and the weather is great for football. The first reason aI enjoy autumn so much, especially down here in the South, is because nature is such an absolute wonder to see during this time of the year. There are many animals that are preparing for the cold winter.

A great way for me to get out in the wilderness and watch these spectacular events take place in nature is to go hunting. It really is a great experience for me. While hunting in the woods, trying not to all asleep, out of nowhere, I hear the sound of dead leaves rustling all around me. I look around to see what is making the noise, and then I see them. Two squirrels are digging around for food. Then, all of a sudden they begin running, and they shoot straight up a tree one behind the other. After they get close to the top, they begin jumping from limb to limb and from tree to tree, one still following the other. Then they eventually disappear. Fall foliage season is the most colorful time in North Georgia, when swathes of autumn gold blanket the mountains and valleys and brilliant fall colors light up the landscape. Autumn stirred me and my mom with an irresistible urge to get in the car and go looking for fall colors.

During the few months of Fall, my family would take a long drive each Sunday afternoon winding through the Appalachian Mountains to see the beautiful array of different- colored foliage including vibrant reds, golden-yellows, and bright orange touching an impossibly blue sky. The leaves would change colors and become the most splendid right before falling off of the trees. Another reason I love autumn are the feelings of change and gratitude. It might seem like a New Years idiom, but for me autumn is the most perfect time to mark new beginnings and reflect on the year that have gone by.

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