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My greatest strength Essay Sample

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My greatest strength Essay Sample

My greatest strength as a writer is the ability to choose my words carefully. Ever since I was young, my father has filled my head with what seemed like bizarre words I’ll never use. As the years go by, I find myself using these strange words more often, and eventually they become part of my everyday vocabulary. This combined with my ever-growing mental word bank supplied by the books I’ve read has allowed for a wide selection of words to use in my writing. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m silver-tongued; my ability to string these words together is nothing extraordinary. However, the general knowledge of various words and their uses has aided my writing greatly. Andrew J Van Kirk

Technique of Audio Recording

Drum Recording Homework

Three Snare Sounds:

1.I really like the way the snare sounds in Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. It’s a nice skin to body ratio, the perfect amount of punch and an effective but not excessive reverberation. 2.In contrast to the snare on Kashmir, Queen’s “Death on Two Legs” snare is quick and punctual, with a lot of skin and not a whole lot of body. I’d choose this sound if I were recording something more upbeat and heavy. 3.Keith Moon’s snare sound on “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is a little heavy on the skinniness, with just a little body coming through. It is quite similar to the Queen sample; however, it is a bit punchier. I think I’d use this sound if I were recording something with a more relaxed, classic rock feel.

For the Kick Drum:

I listened to numerous songs from various artists, including Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Genesis, The Who, Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Supertramp, Yes, and many more. The only kick drum sounds I liked were from songs by Zeppelin, Floyd, Uriah Heep, and Genesis. I like a bass drum that resonates, and the examples from the other bands were too deadened to me.

Specific songs I liked:

1.Zeppelin – Kashmir
2.Genesis – That’s All, Land Of Confusion
3.Uriah Heep – Bird Of Prey
4.Floyd – Every song

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