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The problem is that Rotherhithe is running their library on a card-file system with details written on an exercise book. They cannot afford to employ someone to administer the system anymore, so a busy full time teacher volunteered to run the library. However she said she would only do it if the system was made simpler. The head teacher doesn’t know how, but suggested that an ICT system may help. The

may help.

The staff will use the system, but they do not have any experience with databases and limited ICT skills. This means the system will have to be simpler and easier.

There are many disadvantages about the current system. The largest one is organisation, as if the records of the paper-based system are lost or misplaced; therefore making it very difficult to trace books back and who borrowed which book. Also the fact that a person is being employed only to organise and run this system; while an easier system could mean that a teacher could operate this system part-time.

The advantages of the current system are minimal. The main one is that staff doesn’t need to have high levels of ICT skills to operate this system. Also this system cannot malfunction or obtain viruses.

Alternative Solutions

Paper Based Solution

There are some advantages of a paper-based solution. There are several disadvantages to a paper based solution too.



The paper based system is much more simple to use, than an ICT based solution, for people if they do not possess a good level of ICT skill or knowledge.

There is also a big problem if the records of the paper-based system are lost or misplaced; therefore making it very difficult to trace books back and who borrowed which book.

Another large advantage to a paper based system is that they cannot possess viruses, unlike a computer-based system that can pick up them easily, without full attention and care.

The main one would have to be organisation. The computer can store and organise records of library books, and the students, which borrow them. A paper-based solution would take a lot of hard work to undergo that same operation.

Also you don’t need to buy a computer, which are fairly expensive and pay for the power you’re using too.

Another disadvantage would be the cost of the whole system; a teacher would have to be employed just to record the details of the books borrowed.

The first is that it can be as fast as possible, and this is achievable because unlike a computer, this system can be operated by the user’s speed. The users own speed is unlike computers, because the computer takes time to load, and various other things while the user doesn’t have to.

The paper-based solution cannot store all the records of the students and books borrowed. These files can also be backed up on a computer but you would have to photo copy or rewrite it if you are using a paper-based system.

If a large mistake is made on the paper-based solution then you would have to start the whole page again, but a computer could alter these things easily.

My ICT Based Solution



The main one has to be that the system is simple. It needs to be simple because teachers who have no experience with databases will have to use this program.

You don’t need to buy a computer, which are fairly expensive and pay for the power you’re using too.

The ICT based solution is also better because the computer can store all the records of the students and books borrowed. These files can also be backed up

Computers need a lot of care and attention as they can pick up viruses or other problems easily.

Another advantage to the ICT based solution is that it wouldn’t need someone assigned to it all the time unlike the paper-based solution.

Also the staff needs fairly good ICT skills to operate the system.

Students can have their own primary key auto number so searching for a student is much easier

It is hard to make an equation on access and more steps will be needed than Excel’s simple method of a formula.

On going costs will be kept low

The disadvantage of that is there would be a high set-up cost.

Alternative ICT Based Solutions



Microsoft Excel’s data is electronically stored so files can be backed up.

The data is stored one large table, which means you would have to search manually for each file or record.

You can have more than one spreadsheet or graph on excel.

This would make it extremely difficult for someone to find a certain record.

You can work out equations much easier and simply using the excel formula, or just using the mouse.

A lot more space would be taken up on the hard drive making the application slower.

You can insert as many tables as you want in each spreadsheet.

It is very difficult to operate Microsoft excel and nowhere as simple as Microsoft access.

System Objectives

* To make the system simple

The system should be easy to understand and to operate and access. The system should have instructions on how to use all of its utilities. It will be on Microsoft Access.

* To make the system as reliable as possible

The system shouldn’t pick up viruses easily, and shouldn’t crash that much, so important files wouldn’t be lost

* To make the system fast

The program should be as fast as possible from one screen to the next and should take up as little system memory as possible. This could change with different computer specifications though.

* To make up a database with open and closed questions

I will make the database with open questions and closed questions that are essential for a library system.

* To make the system efficient

I will make the system as efficient as I can by making it well organised, effective, and not wasteful.

* To make sure the system security is good

I will make sure there is a password prompt for many settings and editing tabs so that no one can alter anything on the system. There will also be a password for logging on to the computer.

* To make the system as cheap to run as possible

After the computer has not been used for 2 minutes I will set a screensaver to come on which would save energy and power, therefore saving money

* To report who have brought books late

To set the computer to give a report at the end of every library day, so you can see who is over due or late bringing books in.

* To automatically back up the system

The system should back up files at the end of every library day so if data or files are lost they can be restored easily.

* To virus scan the system

The computer should automatically virus scan the hard drive at the end of every day.

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