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I believe that we cannot hold of our future. We can never manipulate things the way we want in order to have a better tomorrow. For me, God exists. He’s the Supreme Being who takes control of everyone’s lives and no one can completely fathom his thinking and plans for each of us. Holding on to this principle in life, my ikigai in life is to prepare for what’s ahead of me. I may not know what tomorrow will bring, but at least I can prepare for what might possibly happen. I am currently in my third year of studying, and hopefully, after a couple of months within this year, I’ll be able to finish college. At our first day of class, I said that during weekdays probably my ikigai in life is to study. Perhaps the reason I said this is because of that principle I first mentioned. I wake up in the morning to fulfill my duties and responsibilities not only as a student but also as someone who hopes for a good future. I desire to achieve my goals in life and reach my dreams. I may not know what will happen after I graduate college, but I know that being equipped will make way for greater chances for pulling off success. As I reflect upon identifying my ikigai, I realized that there’s still this one big thing I always run after, that is discovering my inner self. As an adolescent, I honestly still don’t fully know who I am.

Every day I try to find clues about myself. I explore different things so as to gain more understanding about myself. I believe that discovering my inner self will open up a lot of realizations and knowledge. This will also let me better appreciate my life and will later uplift my self-esteem. I wake up each day looking forward to new things that are about to happen, new things that will pave way for me discover my inner self. I know that these things may not be all good. Challenges and problems are included and expected to happen. However, I still believe that complicated things will still help me discover my inner self. These challenges and problems will attest my true character and will disclose whatever’s inside of me, my true inner self. As each new day arises, I am hopeful that as I explore the world and experience a lot of things I may be able to learn about myself.

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