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My Life and Friendship Essay Sample

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My Life and Friendship Essay Sample

I think there are many words to describe my personality. I range from being the nicest kid in the world to be the biggest brat in the world. Some of the few opinions I have heard about myself from others are sweet, trustworthy, smart, friendly and shy but I have my own views about myself. My life has been a lot interesting as I come from three different places and cultures. Looking back on a childhood filled with events and memories, I find it rather difficult to pick on that leaves me with the fabled “warm and fuzzy feelings.”

I am born in Bombay, India on December 24, 1988. My parents named me Krupal which means ”straight from the heart.” My childhood went pretty fast and before I even started understanding everything, we moved to a completely different place with people of different culture from mine, in Kenya, Africa. I was brought up there and quickly adapted to the African culture and lifestyle. Kenya was really a very beautiful place. If no security problems would have been there than it would definitely be known as a heaven on earth.

One memory that comes to my mind belongs to a day of no particular importance. It was late in the winter in Masai Mara just ten kilometers away from the National Park, Kenya on the ground of Whitesand, the hotel we booked a room in for a week; an overcast day with wind blowing strong, I stood on the blacktop, pulling my hoodie over my ears. The wind was causing the miniature tornados; we called them the “dirt devils”, to swarm around me. I stood there watching the leaves when all of a sudden a rustling sound was heard just a few kilometers away.

It was the noise of a herd of elephants coming towards us which developed a great fear within me as the people in the surroundings started running from up to down, right to left, and from east to west, and I was right there standing stunned in front of two of the elephants staring straight into their eyes, and at that moment I felt as if my heartbeat had stopped beating and that the world was coming to an end. However, the world did not come to an end but my life would have if it would not have been Mansi who saved my life. Later in the evening, we heard the news that the herd of the elephants was not seen again and that it had disappeared. Till date, nobody has been able to figure out where the elephants disappeared and how.

Everyday, after coming back from school I would play with my friends in the neighborhood. That was my world until one day in my class 6, a girl of my age, very thin but a friendly and familiar face came to my class. As I went closer to her to greet her, I noticed that she was the same girl who had saved my life a year back and so I started chatting to her. That short talk turned us into a very deep friendship. Her name was Mansi and she was born in India as well. For the first time in my life, I felt a great deal of importance and opened up to her like a book to a reader. We had the same hobbies and one could say we are twins in nature.

Days turned into months and months into a year. One day, my parents told me that we were moving to Canada and I remember crying like a baby because I did not want to leave Kenya , my independent life, my freedom and my friends or you can simply say just one, Mansi. The next day I did not go to school and Mansi stopped by to check on me. I told her about what my parents had said the other day and she simply smiled and said that she was very happy for me although I could see her eyes shinning with tears which she was holding back. We hugged each other and she left.

We moved to Canada fairly shortly after my crying incident and tried adjusting in the Canadian culture and its lifestyle. At first, it all seemed too difficult to cope with everything as Canada was a very advanced country compared to India or Kenya and everything seemed too fast for me to handle but as time flew by, I learned to take control of my life again.

In recent years, I have become particularly interested about the languages and cultures of all different countries around the globe. Therefore, I am strongly considering a career where I can get to learn all different types of languages and meet different types of people. In the meantime I am looking forward to starting my university course and to the new experiences it will offer me.

All I can conclude about myself is that I am a seventeen year full of mixed cultures with a heart of a five year old that always has to be ready to learn something new because I never know what is coming next for me.

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