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Introduction of TOPIC

My Mother’s Ideas about Marriage and my own My mother and I get along pretty well, and the reason is because we have a lot of respect for one another, even though we don’t have respect for each others ideas. We still show each other respect, but we still argue about are beliefs. So for instance, we don’t agree on the same beliefs about marriage, and we express our ideas of getting married very differently. Now my mother thinks everyone should be married, which isn’t right, so if theirs an adult over the age of twenty-five who isn’t married, my mother tries to find someone for them and in her eyes no one is a citizen, a complete person or even a respectable human being, unless their married. Now I’m not saying marriage isn’t

right but I couldn’t imagine going through life without even experiencing it, and I certainly wont

be getting married at twenty-five. Because when it comes to premarital sex, my mother and I part company in different ways, because she is old fashioned and she believes in virginity for girls and a little discreetness’ for boys, which she wants all her daughters to march down the aisle in white satin. Because that means your one hundred percent pure, but her sons can have a goodtime and then settle down with the girls at night.

But this is not for me, because I believe in living with someone for a while before even thinking about marrying them, but my mother is old fashioned and doesn’t like fidelity or divorce, but I’m alright with the idea of it, which I feel

that no one can not go through fidelity and divorce nowadays. So if I get married I’ll give it my best and I’ll deal with the marriage, but if I find that I’ve married a welcher who won’t keep the other end of the bargain, why should I stick around. But luckily, my mother and I believe in love and respect for each another which she doesn’t push her beliefs on me and I don’t flaunt mine on her. So in the end I hope she has faith in me, but I doubt that, because ill be doing the marriage bit her way.

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