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7 ‘o’ clock on the dot. She shouts and shouts but I can never manage to get out of my warm cosy bedcovers. It’s that morning feeling where you just want to bury your head under the pillows. I love to sleep. I hardly ever dream in my sleep but when I do it’s about the strangest things, like about someone that I haven’t met for years. My mum believes that dreams have a meaning, but I believe in my case that they ‘definitely don’t. Anyway after I’ve managed that I slip on my uniform, brush my teeth and run down the stairs. I always run down the stairs trying to be cool but most of the time I fall over my jeans which are trailing all over the floor.

My breakfast is a must, but depends on my mood really. I am that type of person who can be happy one minute and grumpy the next. It’s quite annoying really. Usually it’s just a bowl of cereal but some days I treat myself. The full on English breakfast except the meat because I am a vegetarian. Well I eat halal meat!

My brother, sister and I jump in the car; I’m always the last one out of the house. When we finally do get out then we have to turn the car back because someone has forgotten their lunch or school bag. Once my sister forgot her P-E. kit on the bus. Normally it takes us half an hour to get there with my mum’s slow driving. Bit of a trek really but I don’t take much notice because I am too engrossed in the gossip on the radio.

By the time we get to school I can hardly say that I am awake I just about manage to find my classroom. I always get lost though since Beckfoot is my new school but I think I am getting the hang of it now. All I can say is that my map reading skills have definitely improved. I used to go to Shawhouse. You can never get lost there because the school is so small. Practically three houses put together.

During the day I do get tired but always look forward to the best bit, LUNCH. It’s a time where I can relax and catch- up with my friends. I hate the lunch queues but it’s worth it when you get the lunch, because you have a real appetite from all the waiting. At lunch I and Sakinah always go for a walk around the school. I find that you can get to know so much about a person you already know from one simple conversation.

The last lesson is always worst than the first. I look at the clock at least five times waiting for it to strike three. When the lesson ends there is no time to spare. It’s like a tramped in the corridors. Everyone is rushing just in case they miss the bus. I always catch the 622.shuttle. It’s the most comfortable bus with leather seats. But I am afraid it is another long journey, all the way to the interchange. I am always talking on the bus even if it’s to someone I know or don’t. I am that type of person who manages to socialize with everyone.

My mum works at the Jobcentre so from the interchange we walk there. From there our mum takes us home in the car and, sometimes making one or two stops on the way.

When I go home I have very little time to chill out. I always run straight up to my room and switch my computer on and play my music.

I change my clothes and walk to mosque. I am hoping to finish the Quraan soon so I won’t have to attend mosque anymore. As soon as I am sixteen I intend to get a job. I can’t say my family is brilliant financially so I will work and give my wage to my mum.

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