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I have always enjoyed helping others which is also the main reason why social work appeals to me. I would like to take up this course as it will help me gain a more depth knowledge by working with people who are facing problems such as abuse in families.

During my secondary school days, I participated in a scheme which involves teaching primary sixth children in passing their secondary English exams by practicing verbal conversations fluently, presenting self-written speeches with confidence, basic English skills such as grammar, spelling and tense in Hong Kong Ap Lei Chau Primary school. The scheme has taught me the importance of working as a team by allowing students to role play a debate while we act as spectators, stories and poetry reading and ways to keep the audience entertained and at the same time focuses their attention on you. From this experience, I have developed close relationships with students by understanding the difficulties and hardships they are dealing with as each individual youngster has different problems.

Recently, during a school ‘discovery week’ expedition, I traveled to Thailand with a senior school group. We visited a public school in the countryside out of Chiang Mai, where we acted as both temporary English tutors and HK ambassadors. From this incident, I have discovered the usefulness of using the body and signs as a language as we couldn’t communicate with the students as they only knew how to pronounce their names in English. This helps me to interact with the deaf and dumb people during my future job as social worker more easily as I have experience.

Recently I served as a camp prefect with Y7s to Kadoorie Farm (along with two to three teachers, the camp prefects assist the teachers in looking after and taking care of the children). Throughout the week, I shared the same room with the Y7s which allowed me get to understand more about them and some problems they experience. Cooking for the Y7s was a great challenge for me, as most of them are picky with their food and it took a while before we camp prefects could convince them to eat. It was also a challenge to guide them in hiking activities; some students injured themselves, while others managed to become temporarily lost! Throughout the week, I did, however, learn a lot – from dealing with issues such as homesickness, to encouraging students to actively participate in activities and events, to teaching the children the importance of sharing and caring for each other. Beyond this involvement in Y7 camps, I have also participated in a mentor-mentee program, where seniors (acting as mentors) teach the junior students (mentees) to perform in a range of activities, from sports to cooking and arts.

Academically, the subjects I currently study in school are chemistry, biology, maths and computing. It is a varied range of subjects: maths has helped me develop more understanding about problem solving, biology has let me discover more about humanity and sensitivity to their needs, and chemistry has given me creativity and a better memory. I have continued with computing in senior study as IT proficiency is ever more demanded in the modern world. I also have an AS grade for mandarin which, together with my Cantonese, helps me communicate well with local people.

In this, my last year of school, I have been elected as class representative; a role in which I am responsible of fostering discussion, soliciting ideas and expressing thoughts raised by my class to the formal school hierarchy. I have found this experience has also helped me personally with a skill integral to social work- expressing and presenting my ideas to many people at once.

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