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My Learning style is the Multimodal learning style. According to the VARK, my learning styles include the following multimodal learning style: Visual -7; Aural -8; Read/Write -12; and Kinesthetic – 6 (Fleming, 2011, online). According to the VARK, I scored 12 in the Read/Write category. In this category of learning mode, I would do well with making lists, use of dictionaries, glossaries, definitions, handout, text book readings, note taking, essay, use of manual’s and computing (Fleming, 2011, online). With the Multimodal learning style I may learn to switch into the other modes as it may be needed to adjust when needed. Such as in learning to be practical would require switching into the Kinesthetic learning style. This style may require one to do practical in a lab, take a field trip, get real life examples, and hands on approaches (Fleming, 2011, online).

The Visual learning style would require one to learn from graphs, pictures, slides, charts or even use of highlighters and colors. The Aural learning strategy would include one to listen attentively in class and take notes or record most of the class lectures. Since I am a multimodal learner, my best study strategy would be to convert a six page notes into possibly two pages. This would be done either by making charts, pictures or summarizing. This would also include re-reading notes and recall by teaching someone what I have learned. Other strategies would also include prioritizing information in order of need. I would also practice with similar multiple choice questions. My multimodal SWOT is to try and convert a three page note into one page. This also includes rewriting the main ideas and repeating it silently to me. Another important SWOT would be to replace words with acronyms, symbols or initials. Finally, I do believe these conclusions make sense for my study habits, and this tool is interesting to learn and read about. The multimodal learning techniques is a useful tool for my future learning techniques. The VARK is an interesting way to put learning in a whole new perspective. This perspective includes the intake, SWOT, and output.


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