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“Returning to school after so many years of not attending, to obtain a degree can be a struggle for many people throughout their life, but it also has its benefits, changes, challenges, and goals. Initially, I had planned to go to college right after high school, but due to many family problems I was unable to. It would be another eight years before I would make the decision to enroll in school. My reasons for returning to school are to higher my education, have a better career/ job, and to better my life, as well as the life of my daughter. Returning to school for me, has had its benefits, changes, challenges, and goals. In this paper, I plan to give you a brief insight of the reasons why I chose to go back to school. The benefits of obtaining a college degree for me, is to be financially stable, obtain a better job and or career, and self-satisfaction. Being able to financially provide for my child is very important to me. I don’t want to be rich, I just would like to live comfortable and be able to pay all my bills on time, and not live paycheck to paycheck. Obtaining a degree can pave the way for a better paying job and put me in the place where my daughter and I will be able to live comfortable.

Having a better job/career also has its benefits of obtaining a degree. Currently, I work in a barbershop as a barber/hairstylist. I do enjoy my job, because I feel I make people feel good about themselves, but obtaining a degree, will help me in my future career choice. My ultimate goal is to receive degrees in business management, and hopefully one day achieves my goal of owning my own business; such as a barbershop or salon, or both in one. Self-satisfaction is my last benefit of obtaining a degree. Earning my degree, would mean I’m the second of seven siblings to earn one. Earning a degree gives you self-respect, honor, commitment, higher education, and a lot more knowledge.

Earning a degree not only expands your knowledge, but it also paves the way for a better paying job and or career. Self-satisfaction is something a person feels within themselves. It’s a feeling that can be described in many ways, and makes you feel like whatever you set your mind on, you can achieve it. Upon returning to school, I’ve faced some changes and challenges while trying to pursue my degree. The changes that I had to make in my life to pursue my degree were changes in work schedule, and daycare schedule for my daughter. Currently, my job as a barber I work six days a week eight to ten hour days, but since returning to school, I now work four days a week. Having three extra days throughout the week where I’m not working allows me a little more free time for studying, homework and spending quality time with my daughter.

Along with changes come some challenges. The challenges or obstacles I’ve had to face upon returning to school are being a single parent, turning my assignments in on time, not being in school for the past eight years, and not having Microsoft word. Being a single parent is hard for anyone, even if you’re not returning to school. I mean you have to juggle work, family time, and even school if you’re enrolled. Turning my assignments in on time I feel is a challenge for me because our at home computer doesn’t have Microsoft word. Due to the work schedule that I was previously on, left me a very small window to get to the library to turn my assignments in on time. Having not being in school for the past eight years is a huge challenge by itself. There are a lot of things you’re taught that you will never forget how to do, but remembering how to apply what you learned is powerful. I’ve refreshed myself with old learning skills and inherited some new techniques of learning since returning to school, that I feel will be beneficial in obtaining my degree.

The last challenge I faced, is not having Microsoft word on our computer. Although I do have an alternate way of using Microsoft word, by going to the library, it would be a lot easier for me to work from home on “my own time.” Everyone has a goal or goals in life that they would like to accomplish one day. Those goals can be educational or personal goals. I feel the goals I have set for myself are endless. My educational goals are to focus on my Associates Degree of Arts in Business and receive my Associates. I’m a first year college student, so I want to learn and gain as much knowledge as I can for future degrees I plan to pursue. My personal goals are to own a home, show my daughter the importance of an education, and to have a better job/career. Owning a home shows a sense of responsibility and stability. It would be no greater feeling to know that my daughter would have a secure place to grow up in, and call “her own”. Home ownership has changed drastically over the years, and lots more young people my age are buying home.

I too, soon hope to be added to the crowd of young homeowners. Showing my daughter the importance of an education is something that all parents should instill in their children. I want my daughter to know that there is never a time that you can’t go back to school to get an education and degree. I also want her to know that going back to school can get you a better job/career, and a better knowledge of the things that are best for you in life. My last goal is to have a better job or career. I do enjoy my job, but my ultimate goal is to own my own business and work for myself, and make my own hours. I feel being my own boss would suit me very well. I do follow instructions very well and I do what I am told to do, but attitude is that of a leader. I enjoy being able to guide someone in the right direction and lead them to victory. I have always been a very outspoken person, and someone who is always open to any new ideas that are thrown my way.

In addition to a higher education, and earning a degree, I want to learn and gain as much knowledge as I can along the way. Ashford University has paved the way for me to higher my education, earn my degree, and achieve any and every goal I set my mind to. I feel it’s never too late to return to school and earn your degree. Education is the key to a higher/better paying job and or career; it also gives you the knowledge to know about the different changes happening around your everyday life and the changes happening around the world as well. I feel returning to school after so many years of not attending; to obtain a degree can be a struggle for some people throughout their life. However for me, returning to school was an easy decision to make; but my timing was off. Now that I have been enrolled at Ashford University for the past five months, I feel I have endured some changes and challenges along the way, but the benefits and goals that follow make it all worth my while.

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