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My School Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students which school, each school has different backgrounds heterogeneous environment, different teaching and living in a different school, but for my school it has many advantages, such as being a good friend, a good teacher and a good environment. My old school is Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphuerk School it beautiful place of education and pleasure of love I feel it like a family I really love friend, I don’t know why I love friend very much before that, I feel your friends don’t care about my feelings I felt very sorry I never told anyone know nothing but one day I get a hurt to something that make me cry and my friend asked what happened. Who makes me weep and encouraging any time I have one friend I feel that he don’t cares about me, but he told me that I understand you. I feel that a friend is so important to me.> Later, when I’m sad friend still comes and asks, how are you

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and always understand me. I just realized friend give love and importance to me after that time in school I felt it was really nice and perfect love. Additionally friend I also love the teachers understand that every student in the class, everyone in the room is not called teacher, but we called aunt (ป้า) all the time but she did not say anything. Teacher still help acquitted constantly and preach or what we think is a grouch all the time. In class, we have agreed that no matter what, we aren’t satisfied we will not put it to the teacher.

My school has a beautiful natural environment so complete. The building is a tall dome support, knowledge of English and Western music so I can play various musical instruments. Here emphasizes the strict rules of etiquette discipline. It is very important to live in this school. In the morning, all students must practice Marching together in school every day. This school provides the students involved in the selection of teachers. Teachers will be tested which students can choose and when we do not understand, we are entitled to change teachers. I think the downside of my school is too much care the students are not touching the real world.

All of the above I think it is the same school. But for me, I feel proud to be a part of the school. Glad to see friends and teachers, even though it has some disadvantages, but I have learned so many things, both good and bad flaws that I should fill it.

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