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My Seminal Moments Essay Sample

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My Seminal Moments Essay Sample

I had a really terrible memory when I was young, which was about a car accident. In the summer of 1995, I was 7 years old at that time,I was playing with my friends in the garden which was near my house. Suddenly, a friend of mine started fighting with a big guy. I didn’t know what happen, I was too young and so scared, the only thing I thought was to find his parents to go for help. So a girl and I decided to run to his home. The little girl was in front of me when we were crossing the road, and we didn’t realize a car was coming. The driver saw the girl first, so he turned right to avoid hitting her, but he didn’t know that there was another child coming out.

When the car was hitting me, I didn’t feel any pain; I was so scared so that I even couldn’t think about anything. I closed my eyes and waited for what will happen then. Fortunately, when the driver saw the girl cross the road, he immediately slowed down the speed. So the car could stop quickly just by my side when I fell down. Then the driver came out of the car and checked my situation. I was bleeding and lying on the ground under the car just beside the wheels. He helped me get out of it and checked where I got hurt on my body. At that time, I just found I couldn’t stand up, and I knew there is something wrong with my right leg. Then my grandma heard the news came to here, she was so angry and yelling to the driver,“What’s wrong with you? How u could hit my child?”The driver was so scared too, he apologized, “I am so sorry about it, but I think the most important thing is to send the girl to the hospital immediately”. So we went to nearest hospital.

When we was arriving the hospital, they send me to the emergency room. The doctor found that all my blood was because of the bruises, and my right leg was not broken, so it was not such terrible situation. My grandma and the driver both felt a little relaxed. But at that time, I was totally shocked, so I didn’t have any feelings and didn’t say anything; just let they did all the stuff on me. Until I heard a voice that from my mum calling my name, I just realized that I got a car accident and started crying. It didn’t take me long time to recover with my right leg. I could stand up and walk few weeks later. But because of the terrible memory, I couldn’t cross the road alone in the following 3 years. Until now I am still so carefully when I cross the road. That is a really seminal moment in my life even though it is not so good.

Seminal Moment #2
My first exhibition
I used to study in an art university in China with the major of art history. One of our courses was planning exhibitions for the artists. I was so interested in it, so when I finished this course, two of my friends and I decided to hold a big exhibition by ourselves. But it was not an easy job for us, because we needed do all the stuff just by three of us.

At first, we contacted the artists to see their opus, and decided which artist we wanted to hold the exhibition for. And then we needed to find the sponsor which was a really important part of holding an exhibition, because if we didn’t have money, we couldn’t do all the following things. So when we got the money, we immediately reserved the place and bought or rented all the equipment we needed. And of course, we also made some beautiful posters to attract people to come to our exhibition. Those all the steps were prepared for a normal art exhibition, but we wanted to have a special one. So we came up a really good idea. Because the artist’s paintings were carton style, it had great commercial value. So we decided to use his paintings to make some merchandises. We printed the patterns on the coffee mug, T-shirts and cards. While we displayed the paintings, we also sold the merchandises.

On the exhibition day, so many people came to the gallery to watch the exhibition. What a big surprise was that we had a really cool fashion show in the opening of the exhibition. There was a big stage in front of the gallery, all the models put on our T-shirts and walked on the stage with the fantastic music. Everyone was so excited; they never saw an art exhibition like this. After the fashion show, we opened the door of the gallery, all the people flocked in to it. They couldn’t wait to see the real paintings that just printed on the T-shirts. So many people took the pictures in front of the paintings with the artist and our planning team. I was so happy to hear a girl said, “These merchandises are really cool! I like the paintings, but it is so expensive, I can’t afford it. And now I can buy the merchandise for souvenir. And it is so cute.”It was a very successful exhibition; we attracted so many people to come, and sold so many merchandises. In that moment, I thought that I wanted to be an event planner in the future; I really love this kind of job!

Seminal Moment #3
My first presentation in Canada
Last year, I decided to come to Canada to study the program of business after I graduated from an art university. Because my English was not good enough to go to the program to study, so I needed to study in the ESL. When I first came to the class, everything was so fresh and unfamiliar. On one hand, I was excited that I could meet friends came from all over the world. And the teaching style was totally different from my country; the teacher was so interesting. And we always had so much fun in the English class. On the other hand, I was use to the environment with English all around. And I didn’t have too much confident, I always thought about that I was a terrible speaker, so I was so shy to speak English in the class. A few weeks later, teacher asked us to give a presentation in the class as assignment. I was so afraid of it. I never spoke English in front of so many people.

On that day, I started getting nervous from the moment I got up. When I got into the class room, it got worse. I let all the classmates went before me. When I was listening to their presentation, I felt so complicated. If someone acted kind of bad, I felt a little better. I thought maybe I was not the worst. If someone acted really well, I got nervous again. I thought how I could speak well like that. Finally, I needed to present. Even though I prepared the perfect Power Point, I still thought I couldn’t do it well. My heartbeat was so fast, and my hands got sweaty when I was standing in front of the class room. At first, my voice was so low, and face was so stiffly. Gradually, I found that nobody was laughing at me, and I saw the face of teacher was encouraging. I spoke more naturally and more confident. It was totally unlike what I was before. When I finished, they all applaud for me. It was unbelievable that I got the highest mark in the class.

After that presentation, I changed a lot, I never afraid of speaking English with others. I always thought that maybe I was not the best presenter on that day, but I was the one who had the biggest change. It was a big challenge to me, and I overcame it. Since that day, I got more confident, and my English improved so fast, so that I could pass the English test directly went to the program last September. Maybe it was just a small presentation comparing to others, but it was really significant to me, especially to my way of English study.

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